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geese around fergus

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i will be hunting around fergus falls next weekend and i havent been able to make it up there for about a month so i was just wondering if anyone had any reports about the number of birds they have been seeing. any reply would be greatly apreciated, thanks alot,


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Well Scottie, how did you do?
I had seen a few posts about the good numbers of geese up there, but they sure were not in our area at all compared to previous years.
This morning in 2 hours of hunting we saw maybe 20 geese, and those were at about 5 miles.
This morning we heard 6 shots, and it was pretty calm.
No where near the numbers of the last several years straight.
Anyone else have Fergus area reports?

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I stayed home both mornings, as the birds seemed to be really hanging on the water. I heard a few shots yesterday morning, and about twice as many this morning.

There was two good flocks just east of Underwood Friday night in the grain stubble, but my friends who set up there on Saturday had no takers.

If it chills down this next weekend, the hunting should be a lot better. We're chopping corn on Saturday, so I will probably set up on the stubble Sunday morning.

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I was in Fergus this afternoon, drove by the pond in town by the park.There were only a few geese there, and I didn't see to many out flying around on the western side of town either.I did see lots of ducks, mostly teal.ruddies, and woodies but a few mallards were around to.
I went to South Dakota, up to NoHunt Dakota, then back to Minnesota this weekend to check out the hunting areas I usually hunt.Of coarse every area was dryer than last year but the Dakota's looked like they were down over a foot at most ponds.
One I hunted extensively last year is just a memory now.
Fergus looked ok, but down about 6 inches to just over a foot an most except the ponds the DNR controls for the diver ducks.
They seemed to be about normal to just a little down.
I really feel sorry for the farmers though, those crops are real dry, the beans looked like dandylions they were so dried out.Even the sunflowers were shorter than a grasshopper.

I think I will head to Fergus on opener,or maybe in closer to the cities.Hutchinson looked real good so did St.Cloud area lot's of ducks in those areas.
I put of 600 miles this weekend tring to decide where I was going to end up on the 27th.


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