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  1. It was a good year. Most syrup I've ever made (43 gallons) and earliest I ever quit. I could have kept going but I was out of jars, wood, and energy.
  2. Checked my taps today. It froze last night, and most trees woke up a bit today. Not a strong run, but I'll take it. The next 7 to 10 days look good.
  3. In another slowdown again. Hopefully these freezes will get them going again. So far I have finished 15.25 gallons with an overall sap to syrup ratio of 41:1. Finished 5 gallons yesterday that was 32:1 - never had sap that good before.
  4. Went out this morning and the bags had not done much. Been hanging at 28 degrees all day which I hope will hit the reset button. Finished 3.75 of lovely Grade A light fancy last night. Hardly any niter in the pan or filters. Rand another 75 gallons thru and have that reduced to about 3.5. Looks like another batch of light.
  5. Pulled another 65 this morning 14 hrs after I collected last night. Hoping for a decent freeze Tuesday and Wednesday nights...if not it could be a short season
  6. Got back from LOTW this after noon to find a strong run. Of 170 taps, I had about 30 bags that blew off the taps. Still pulled 85 gallons.
  7. I heard of some runs yesterday, but I expect it to shut down until at least next Saturday where I live. I'm holding off tapping for the most part till the 8th.
  8. I noted a couple of my yard silvers leaking out of wounds on the 19th when it warmed up some. I tapped a small one right next to them and it was dry, and was still dry yesterday. My partner tapped a walnut in her yard and was geting sap yesterday. I will probably hold off tapping my sugars until the 8th, judging by the weather forecasts. Switching over to homemade PVC sack holders and bags this year. No more jug cleaning for this guy
  9. Nope, private party near Barnesville, Chocolate father, black mother I did see the ad for the Albany pups
  10. Towards the top of this thread, I posted where I lost my 8 year old lab suddenly to lymphoma (Early October). That was a kick in the gut for sure. Last week I had to put my 12.5 year old lab down due to a nasty carcinoma on her back foot. So out of sadness, comes some joy. A couple weeks ago we were steered to a private party that had some nice pups. We chose one, and she came home Friday. Meet Toni
  11. Gissert


    Not the ending I anticipated, which is what I like. Hanzee looks to be prominent again. I was pleased to see the appearance of a young Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench playing on the ball diamond. The sheer disappointment of Mike Milligan being given an office job as a reward for his head busting. Lots of directions this can go.
  12. Gissert


    Great episode last night. Favorite line "It's just a flying saucer Ed, lets go!"
  13. The severity of the weather does not seem to matter in my neck of the woods. Unless the corn is getting out late, those deer bug out by turkey day every year, snow or no snow. I suspect it may be the does and fawns pack up and leave, and the bucks follow. As soon as the snow is gone or nearly gone in the spring, they show back up. I had 11 or 12 different bucks on camera this summer and fall. Before the snow came, I walked the woods on Sunday and most of the couple dozen scrapes had been neglected.
  14. I know the area jerkin'm hunts. Lovely deer habitat. Cover, food, and water in close proximity. Once the weather gets cold around here the deer seem to move to different grounds in winter. I had deer all over me in rifle season. This morning I went and scouted around a bit and did not see a single track (other than squirrels, yotes and fox) that three weeks ago was saturated in scrapes. This property was not hunted hard either. One day and that was it. I've seen this pattern year after year. If I go south two miles or east three there is sign everywhere. Once the snow melts in the spring, the deer come back. We've tried food plots to hold them a little longer but it has not helped that I can tell. The night time activity thing - yep, no doubt about that.
  15. Gissert


    Great episode last night. Anyone catch the nods to the original movie? Peggy watching the tv with bad reception with the dung beetle and the guy in the store saying "hes going crazy out at the lake" Did not see Hanzee taking out Dodd coming.
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