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  1. hey thanks a bunch for the quick replies guys, im going to try it soon!
  2. i was just wondering how mixing bluebill decoys with mallard decoys would work? maybe two separate groups, all together, or just one or the other? any input would be great, thanks!
  3. my buddy and i are heading up to the grand rapids area (moose and deer lakes)next week and i was just hoping to get some recent info or reports on how the lakes have been, thanks alot!!!
  4. i was just wondering what everyone thinks about fishing for sunnies and crappies during the spawing period, other fish are closed to fishing during that time and since the panfish are shallow and vunerable i was wondering if anyone thought differently about the current regs
  5. i will be hunting around fergus falls next weekend and i havent been able to make it up there for about a month so i was just wondering if anyone had any reports about the number of birds they have been seeing. any reply would be greatly apreciated, thanks alot, scottie
  6. hey thanks for the posts guys, i really appreciate it!
  7. i have just one size of duck decoy and i am going to by some more for the upcoming season so i was just wondering is it better to have a variety of size or would different sizes scare the ducks away? thanks for the help!
  8. musky796, where exactly is this orange lake, and whats it like? id kind of like to come up and fish it sometime so any info on it would be great.
  9. french lake is a lake with great numbers of muskies with some lunkers mixed in there. if ya find the right weeds out there youll get the fish, i normally fish about 10 feet from the weedline and cast into shore. i use bucktails almost always but my fishing partner has had good luck with large buzzbaits too. he has got a 39 1/2 incher and i have caught 2 smaller ones this year so you should have great luck out there, i wanna hear about your first catch out there so post it, good luck!
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