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Great times Coyote Hunting so far.

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I started the year when the full moon of November came out. I snuck out and took my first of several doubles of this season. It was hard to find fields that gave me enough visability because the snow wasn't sticking around but I took #1 and 2, dad at 120 yards and 30 minutes later one of the pups came looking for pa. Dropped these two, 8 feet apart.


Then took this double #3 and 4 on a new spot the week before the december moon.


Mitch got his first at another new spot.


I took #5 the day after Christmas while out with Mit.


We finished the next set with another double. Mitch was 100 yards North of me sitting along the edge of the woods and I was directly South of him. The two showed up North of him and he said one walked within 10 feet of him. It was heading toward the caller and spooked it moving his gun but luckily it stopped and he smacked it good. I heard it running but couldn't see it over the hill. I turned on pup distress and saw one running full bore right at me. It stopped below the hill in front of me. I turned off the caller and it bugged out the way it came in. I barked it to a stop and the 17 REM layed it out flat at 212 yards.

Mine #6


And Mits 2nd


Then I went out on my own agian and called in these two mangy ones #7 and 8. These are the first we've taken with mange in a couple years. Not real bad but thin along the necks and one was missing some hair along the one side of its back.

I called for a bit and then did some howls. Had a pack lite up SW of me a mile or so away then these two lit up directly North of me. I could see 1/2 mile to the woods and had a heavily brushed creek in front of me. I waited 20 minutes and saw nothing so I howled agian and looked up to see them standing at the edge of the creek looking my way. I never saw them cross that field but there was some brush in the way. The male broke downwind while the female headed back to the brush. I followed him until he got within 120 yards and started getting too far downwind. Barked him to a stop and let fly. He ran 30 yards and tipped over. I hit pup distress and then set up where I last saw the other one. It popped above the bank, stood there for a second then came in on a dead run. Stopped it at 70 yards and layed her out too.




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we're usually set up overlooking open farm fields and 1 hour are usually minimums for stand length unless we shoot earlier. A typical night of calling has us on three, maybe four stands at best. I will work the spot until I'm convinced nothings going to show, then sit for a while quietly to make sure, then sneak out so I don't wreck the spot because we'll more than likely be hunting it again later in the year.


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Great stuff Grayfox glad to see you back at it and doing quite well to boot. The smile hasn't changed thats for sure grin

Speaking of grayfox I will have to get a picture of Joeys fox he taxidermied, it turned out pretty good.

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I am so excited to try this. I have some private land I hunt for deer on and have found tracks, [PoorWordUsage] with hair in it and found what was left of a deer and a rabbit this fall. I am thinking I will be able to get out the weekend of January 19 and 20. I know nothing about this so please be gentle. I don't want to oversimplify coyote hunting but I was going to go out just as it gets dark, sit on a treeline by a snow covered hayfield with my shotgun (buckshot), predator call and a sheet. I am going to sit there and blow on the call and see what happens. Am I a complete silly-me for thinking I may have some success or is there a lot more to it than the picture I am painting? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Erik

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Grey Fox, ive only been coyote hunting for 2 winters now and generally go out early in mornings. Night hunting seems to be the way to do it, do you rely on the moon for light? If so do you focus on hunting near full moon periods? And what kind of optic do you have on top of that sexy rifle? Would you recommend a low light or illuminated reticle scope? I have a Monarch 5-20 atop my .22-250, bright during the day but im not sure id be able to see the reticle after sunset... I appreciate the help and happy/safe hunting to all!

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Daytime hunting doesn't seem to work real well around here. I'm not saying you cant kill them during daylight hours like out west because we've done it before but I feel I'm just burning spots I could be hunting at night. My coyote hunting is almost exclusively done around the full moon periods with a week before being a good guideline. I use binoculars and good glass on the rifles with illuminated dots and I can see just fine. I've got Burris Sig. Selects, 4-16x44's with illuminated dots on my 2- 17 remington's and a Bushnell elite 4200, 2.5-10x 50 with the illuminated dot and heavy reticle on my 22-250 Encore, which is the same scope my son uses on his 223 and he says a lot of times you don't need to put the dot on.The key is a snow background though.


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