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  1. Soil in our area is clay and black dirt. Hardwoods seem to be a common theme and very few by the low ground poplars. Usually an area that does get some sun splashed through the trees. Almost everything that is green popping up in my woods is a ramp it seems. Good luck.
  2. They are going wild in west central minnesota. Maybe try a different spot? Could have dug up a thousand last weekend if I was crazy enough and wanted that many.
  3. I'm no expert but from what I have observed the last 2 years is look in the woods but the early ones are popping where there is sunlight able to peek through a bit. The areas where the evening sun was popping through had the early risers. No particular trees other than to say I find them more around the hardwoods rather than your low ground trees like popple/poplar. Where I find one I find several or many. I just always leave some to be sure there are some left to go to seed so I can visit again next year. Good luck.
  4. West central Minnesota I found my first ramps on Sunday. They were all of about 2 inches above ground. That was Sunday so I'm hoping the boys and I can hit the woods this weekend and find a few bigger ones. Scrambled eggs with diced leeks for breakfast is tough to beat.
  5. Had a buck chasing does yesterday and the shot was further than I'm confident with and was quartering at me. I passed however I wondered what some of you do to get them to stop or maybe you don't stop them. Is there a different method to stop a doe than stopping a buck. It was very cool to see however next time I'm hoping for a better shot and a way to get them to stop if possible. Thanks, Erik
  6. This pic is a buck scrape but he dug holes and completely smashed this shrub to almost nothing. At first glance I thought it looked like the start of a prairie dog community (no dogs in the area). Anyone see a scrape like this before? what is he doing with the hole digging?
  7. Heavy fog this a.m. and few birds moving. Heard three flocks get up from a small private lake about a half mile away. They went north and I was sitting south. I did see one flock but they were half mile away and were not interested in the field rather the other small lake east of where I was sitting. We did really well on this spot last year and we have shot at and bagged one bird this year. The birds were around a week prior to the season and there are birds around but it's just not going to be at all like last year. Stupid birds!
  8. Ahmen Strait-meat, Just as many birds on my spot last year. We did really well last year but this year has been terrible. No pattern because they are not really moving atleast anytime I've been out a.m. or p.m. Hoping for a little redemption this weekend but not real confident. So I too would takem where you can getem. Good luck.
  9. Yup I typically don't push birds off water this time of year if there are grain fields nearby. Once you shoot them off the water they are gone but if you find the field they like you can shoot the sometimes 3-4 times form the same spot.
  10. It was good, a little chewy (I cut off the outer edges to eat on the larger ones, a little nutty with a medium (not real strong) flavor. I like oysters, morels and hedghogs (my favorite) the most. But if the good lord lets us find "Izzy" then thats what we are going to eat. The boys and I are having fun with it. Catch fish, hunt birds and gather mushrooms.
  11. Found ischnoderma resinosum this weekend. Michael Kuo's 100 edible mushrooms has been a good guide (so far). The boys and I thought it was pretty tasty. BTW does anyone have a shorter nickname (common name) for this mushroom. I tell people the kind of mushroom we found this weekend and they instantly call me a dork.
  12. Birds around our hunting spot did not move much at all this weekend. Zero shots fired, slow.
  13. A few flocks moved yesterday morning however they did not pay any attention to me with my bdecoys sitting in the picked oates. Last night the birds just did not move. Pretty slow for us for sure. Not hearing much shooting around us. I think the birds are sitting tight.
  14. We saw the birds moving but concealment with round bails on top of the hill wasn't as good as I would have liked (even with the birds being dumb we still had flocks pull away when it looked like it was their final approach). Can't beat sitting in the standing corn for concealment if you ask me. My brother shot a young bird. I'm hoping we can move back to hunting sitting in the corn over oats next weekend.
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