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  1. Whopper Stopper

    Making a Murderer

    You are in for a roller coaster of emotions. WS
  2. Whopper Stopper

    Meat Sales

    We loaded up on some Klement's Bratwursts at Menard's today. They have Regular, Beer, or Italian Sausage on sale while supplies last for $2.22 after the 11% rebate. Even without the rebate the price was $2.49 per pound which isn't bad. WS
  3. Whopper Stopper

    If only...

    Both of you should check out the Hobie line of kayaks. The peddle system about eliminates the back issues associated with paddling, and if desired they even have an electric motor option. The Mirage pro Angler 14 foot has a 600 pound capacity; the 17 foot has a 900 pound capacity. One thing to keep in mind is that there is a Hobie dealer in the Twin Cities that offers free demos of their complete Hobie line of kayaks. All you have to do is call them and they will meet you on the water with whichever kayaks you are interested in trying. Pretty hard to not take advantage of that, if the kayak bug is biting. No I don't work for them. I just like stuff that works! WS
  4. Whopper Stopper

    Utra shack winch straps.

    I went to Fleet Farm and bought a couple of tow straps. I then took it to Wyoming canvas and had him sew each end. Worked great. How old is your Ultra Shack? Just curious. WS
  5. Whopper Stopper


    I sent you a PM WS
  6. Whopper Stopper

    Spearing help

    Where in MN are you? WS
  7. Whopper Stopper

    243 ammo

    Something to be said for handloading. WS
  8. Whopper Stopper

    Coon prices

    I guess I will pass on trapping them . Thanks for the replies! WS
  9. Whopper Stopper

    Early birthday present

    Pretty dang funny right there! WS
  10. Whopper Stopper

    Coon prices

    Just curious if anyone knows what a large coon will bring this year. When you skin them do you still case them? Thanks........It has been a while. WS
  11. Whopper Stopper

    Trapping supply stores

    Thanks for the replies. Owatonna here I come! WS
  12. Whopper Stopper

    Trapping supply stores

    Is there any good trapping supply stores within say 100 miles of the Twin Cities. I know there are a few different on line stores but for now I am more into hands on shopping. Frankly I have not done any trapping so to speak so trap numbers and names mean very little to me. Thanks for any help. WS
  13. Whopper Stopper

    18 or 30,000 BTU Furnace?

    Go 30,000 BTU WS
  14. Whopper Stopper

    New Addition to our family

    Little bugger looks innocent enough Looks like many years of fun is about to unfold. WS
  15. Whopper Stopper

    Thoughts on/about beaver dam tip ups,

    LOL Well played Then again.........I agree. WS