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  1. I'm wondering if any other states in the upper midwest that deal with snow such as Minnesota have their local DNR's actually plow out their WMA parking areas and such lands. If it is open to anyone that pays taxes, why if we get a big snow and the plows push snow into the mouth of the state lands does the DNR not plow open those? If you do not have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, you cannot access these spots and are forced to park on a road, mainly a highway or county road, which would be extremely unsafe. Are there any other states that DO plow theirs out?
  2. I put mine in whatever they wear playing in the snow, plus a change in case they get wet.
  3. understandable, was just curious. thanks for the info.
  4. amateurfishing, Why did you decide to go with faced insulation? Weren't you worried about moisture getting stuck or is that what a professional you talked to recommend?
  5. In our basement, it is open to the upstairs, so the sound deadening is mainly for the bedrooms that are in the back part of the house and to keep the noise from the tv from going straight through the tv, also the small talk people have downstairs. From what I've researched and info others have found, we are probably going to go with roll insulation and thicker sheetrock. With the 18" trusses in the floor, I don't want the sound to basically become like a drum beating, just something that will kill a bunch of it and help improve the atmosphere on both levels. We do have 3 kids, 5 and under, so my fun is only beginning with the noise.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. Our budget is pretty tight for this but the timeline isn't set in stone. I've been researching a ton of ideas on which way to go as well but for some reason, 5/8" sheetrock slipped my mind. I was only planning on going with 1/2" sheetrock. There is a little rebate from the big M store on insulation but with spring coming up, I'm sure all the big builder stores will have insulation sales. Putting in roll or batt insulation is actually cheaper than doing the blow in stuff. I'm more worried about noise coming up from the basement through the floor but if you can't hear it while downstairs, it should work the opposite way also. I am starting to lean towards rolls of insulation and just sheetrock as that seems to be the cleanest way to go.
  7. With finishing our basement, we will be blowing in the ceiling for sound deadening purposes. My question is, what depth does it become non-beneficial to sound deadening and just wasting money? I'm planning on using cellulose insulation and was thinking for around an R-19, which puts me at roughly 6" deep. Is anything deeper just a waste of money or is it worth the price since I don't intend on opening up the ceiling ever again.
  8. That's one heck of a fish to start out with for a first fish, congratulations!
  9. Thank you HSO, and all the sponsors, for making Take A Kid Outdoors possible! My 4-year old fishing buddy who likes to steal my Vexilar, go figure....
  10. That sucks. Hope the someone that has it does their best to get it back to you. What a year to lose all your ice fishing gear.
  11. WWW, this was an issue at the end of July when I was running the sprinkler for awhile. Since wrapping the pipes in pipe insulation, the problem has been taken care of. Not sure why this topic got revived this time of year but sometimes when you see a thread about something, it triggers your mind and you realize you had an issue with the same thing.
  12. Thank you HSO, and all the sponsors, for making Take A Kid Outdoors possible! My 4-year old fishing buddy that likes to steal my Vexilar, go figure...
  13. Thank you HSO, and all the sponsors, for making Take A Kid Outdoors possible! My 4-year old fishing buddy that likes to steal my Vexilar, go figure....
  14. I'm not a plumber by any means but have gotten advice from my neighbor who is, anything you have going to its' final destination needed to come off from 3/4". That was downsized to 1/2" but it needed to come from 3/4". The plumbers that did my house didn't use blue or red hose, they just taped each end with blue or red tape from they roughed the lines in so they knew what tube was for what terminal.
  15. The PEX was run through the trusses and held on with brackets where needed. I did wrap the pipe where accessible with pipe insulation and that has stopped the dripping. We do plan on insulating the ceiling and sheetrocking it, so I wanted to make sure the problem was fixed before we do all of that.
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