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"Beginner's" Luck Theory


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Recently my buddies and I were sitting around telling Beginner's Luck stories. I've been thinking about many of the times I was either the Beginner or was there when the Beginner had this so called luck:

1. my first gun, it was mid September, MN grouse opener. After getting the gun I went down the road at the cabin and shot my first grouse (albeit on the ground)at 12 years old. It was probably 75 degrees and as my dad taught me you have to wait for the leaves to fall to have any luck with grouse.

2. my son was about five and although he had fished a lot, we only fished for anything biting and he begged me to go walleye fishing on a less than ideal day. I reluctantly took him, his first walleye...28 inches.

3. my nephews first deer. We all headed back for lunch, he told us he was just going to sit near the "sandpit" which we new was a terrible spot. 10 minutes later he shot his first buck.

I'd say 80% of "Beginner's Luck" stories are actually because these beginners don't know all of the things us "veterans" know about fish and game. Instead of following the rules, their enthusiasm leads them to being in a place where things can happen, instead of sitting in the cabin waiting for the "ideal" time. This year I may start thinking like a beginner rather than the "expert" I've become.

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They don't have any memories yet winkgrin

Our problem when it comes to fishing and hunting is going by what worked in the past. Mother Nature never stays the same nor dose any of the things we pursue such as deer or fish. Different crops or numbers of baitfish can change how the game is played. I try to always keep an open mind and roll with the punches.

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"Beginners" probably don't have any more luck than anyone else...it's just that if someone begins something--say, hunting or blackjack or walleye fishing--and has terrible luck, he's probably not apt to go back to it. Blackjack is a prime example: If you lose your *** the first few times you play, it's unlikely that you'll ever go back. So it only makes sense, then, that the people who still play blackjack as non-beginners are just the portion of the initial sample that was lucky somewhere in the first few tries. Same is probably true of deer hunters and walleye fishermen.

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two firearms seasons ago my son-in law, a golfer at the time [still is at times] took our offer to come deer hunting. my other son--inlaw [also a golfer prior to getting married to my daughter] let him use a rifle with scope and decided to go. he never went hunting period for anything. we took him to a gun range to practice and sight in the weapon.

he was a quick learner and soon felt confident with the rifle. well opening morning he nailed a 8 pointer. small rack but nice deer, and shot it right behind the shoulder. Tuesday was our last day there and he nailed another 8 pointer, right behind the shoulder, and off the same stand. again, small rack but a fine deer.

to this day and through the history since the 60's has anyone in our party ever done that. well last year he didn't get one but he is hooked for life. i must also say that he was hunting off a stand with very few open areas for an easy shot. good luck.

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