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  1. I would call Jiffy. I think they came out with a hard pipe replacement for the hoses.
  2. Thanks again, I picked up the new seal and it fits. Could you tell me what direction the vanes on the water impeller should be spinning when you look in to the cup?
  3. Sorry guys it was late when I wrote that up (God I am getting old) the motor is a 1967 Evinrude 9.5HP Sportwin. Model Number is M9722. I did stop back into the dealer this afternoon and was told that the PN 313282 is the only one listed for that motor. Unfortunately he didn't have another seal for me to verify if the one I got was mis-packaged. Thanks again. Kyle
  4. I went to Evinrude's site and they no longer list parts for anything older than 1968. I went to a Evinrude dealer and told the man what I needed he gave me a seal and I came home to put it in only to find out it's about 1/16th bigger (O.D.) than what it should be. Is there someone out there that has access to a parts book for these old motors that can tell me the proper part number so I can go back to the dealer or order one online? I should add that I have what I think is the correct part number (313282) but I want to verify that it is correct. The seal should be approx. 1" O.D. not sure on the I.D. Thanks in advance, Kyle
  5. I bought the propane Jiffy last year and have nothing but good things to say about it. Wish I would have gotten the 10" but that's another thread and argument.
  6. Are you wanting to convert it to a single line setup? Not sure if that can be done but that tank is worth more to a collector as a two line tank. It would be a shame to convert it. I have seen them around the $150 range and maybe more.
  7. I have heard of sand / debris buildup stopping the impeller. Take it apart and see if there is anything physically stopping it from spinning.
  8. My wifes aunt puts glass jars upside down in the garden to keep them out. She says when the sun and moon shine hit them it scares the rabbits away. Not sure about cloudy nights tho and I had never heard of it before yesterday.
  9. MrPike, When you were towing with the minivan it was important to not tow in OD because the tranny wasn't built for towing. The trucks are a little beefier so the only need to change out of OD or into tow haul would be if you notice that the tranny is working really hard and shifting a lot to stay at speed. The 680 lbs shouldn't be that hard on the truck tranny but be aware of what sounds and shifts it makes in the beginning. If you are really worried about it you can check if you have a tranny cooler installed and if it doesn't, get one installed (you probably don't have to at the moment) as it will help make the tranny last longer.
  10. Are you saying there is only a positive wire coming from the new bilge pump? If so I would look in the manual but there may be a screw somewhere on the outside of the pump that could be used for grounding.
  11. Ok, I went out and checked all the wiring visually for breaks it all looked fine so while I had the headlight assemblies out I figured I would pull all the bulbs and double check them. Right side side-marker bulb was silvered so I pulled it out and tested. Everything works as normal. Daughter is picking up a new bulb and bringing it home after work. Thanks again Scott for your help. Kyle
  12. Thanks, will check out the grounds and I should clarify that the high beam light on the dash is the problem indicator, not the high beam on blue light.
  13. My daughter was in an accident a year or so ago (she ran into the back of another car) and after the body work was done her security system no longer worked (has been disconnected), her high beam light on the dash is on, and the turn signals are weak, flash fast and all come on when either side is selected. The opposite side turn signal lights are very weak but are definitely flashing. I have been told there's more than likely a short somewhere. Can someone point me in the general direction of where to start looking? Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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