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Tick meds


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Seems like the last 3 year my dog had gotten lyme disease even though we get the shot from the vet and used frontline. 2 years they caught it early but one year it really affected her joints and possible other things.

We made the switch to k9 advantixII last year. And had no Lyme disease. Now before anyone thinks I'm plugging one over the other (well maybe) I also had FAR FAR less hunting days last year then most so by no means am I convinced other then I know neither are perfect or bullet proof.

Just wondering what others think about K9 advantixII. I know frontline is kind of "the" brand out there, just wondering if someone is stealing the thrown from them.

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Clown color:

Your dog can still get lymes disease even with the vaccinations. And of course the other tick borne illnesses. Watching for any signs and early treatment is always the best course (you know that now I bet!)

Our retriever club has had discussion about what works the best for products. There are some newer ones out there, the makers of Frontline have a new product called Certifect which is supposed to kill ticks much sooner.

That said, if you find a product that works better for you and your dog, stick with it. If your dog has a longer coat, you may want to shave the area(s) where you apply the product so it really gets into them and not just in their fur.

And check them after any trips into the bush, it seems most ticks migrate to the head and can be seen on top before they burrow to attach.

And don't forget to check yourself!!!!!!! Nasty [PoorWordUsage]

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I use K9 Advantix II on my Brittany and have her out in the woods a few times per week all year in an area that has a lot of ticks. Still occasionally find one on her crawling around but none that have bit in. I think it's a good product.

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i made the switch from frontline to k9 II this year and have been pleased with it thus far. the frontline was very disappointing, stillhad ticks that were biting and gorging before dying, the ticks that i have found this year have fallen off and have died right away; thought about their new certifect stuff, but i heard that it smells really bad and they still have to bite in order for the ticks to die, as the k9 has some repelency for the 1st defense

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Hey all,

Long-time lurker/first-time poster here. I finally decided to register and comment on this thread because I wanted to share a related experience I had just last night...

Let me start off by saying that I do not believe there is one single tick-medication product that will work on every dog (or every flea, tick, or mosquito for that matter) every time. A dog's body chemistry can cause differing results when it comes to the potency of any given product, and some ticks/fleas may be more or less susceptible to whichever poison you choose. I am a firm believer in the concept that you get what you pay for. That being said, I am also extremely frugal, so I'll try the generic 'equivalent' before I'll turn to the name-brand stuff.

On to my story... Last spring/summer I got a new puppy (a lab/golden) and, being a new "mom", I wanted to make sure I took every precaution to keep her protected from all the nasty bugs out there. My boyfriend uses BioSpot [a Frontline knock-off that's about 1/5 the price] on his dog (also a lab/golden) and absolutely swears by it, so I gave it a try on my new puppy. I was quite disappointed to find embedded deer ticks in my puppy's hide pretty much all summer long. Plus every time I used it, it left a large greasy spot on her fur at the application site above her shoulder blades that lasted several days. I was convinced the stuff was garbage.

Fast forward to this spring: We still had a couple applications of this BioSpot stuff left, and seeing that the ticks were out early, I figured I'd use up what I had left and pick something different next time they're due. This time, however, I read the directions on the box: Apply half of the container at the shoulder blades and the other half where the tail meets the spine; Brush your dog thoroughly 12-24 after application. OK, I'll do that... What a difference!! The stuff actually works now -- we found a pile of dead ticks on our dogs last night. They've been falling off all over the house (gross) but they're dead, and I, for one, am relieved to find that I won't have to go out and spend $50 for 3 months of peace of mind.

Moral of the story: READ THE DIRECTIONS! AND FOLLOW THEM!! It's my guess that most product 'failure' is due to operator error, not necessarily a bad product. You may, however, still have to shop around and try different chemical formulas to find what best suits your dog.

Good luck with the search!!

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hey 5 bucks, that was my biggest concern as my wife has a cat, but after talking to k9, they told me to make sure the medication dries first before having the dog near the cat, and after, you can clean the area on the fur where the k9 was applied. we havnt had any issues, but the cat only grooms his snot every once in awhile, along with some wrestling.

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I also heard that once it dries it is fine for cats. Problem is our one cat is always rubbing all over the dog and the dog comes inside when we get home from work. I know if something happened to her cats I would have alot more time to fish and hunt - I just wouldn't be able to afford it.

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