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  1. If you’ve had bad luck with reliability with the helix7 and he wants a flasher, why get another?
  2. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! I wish more companies would do what vex does. Build something that works great, gets the job done, and will last a lifetime! Fyi...u can use a vex in a boat
  3. The only flasher I constant see and hear about, that has issues, is a marcum. I feel they are trying to stay ahead with technology but have some serious quality issues...but I hear they have descent customer service for when it breaks Personally, I’d find buy me a simple fl8 if it was for a backup or for a kid and you won’t have to worry about it for the next 20+ years...or if you like something a little more advanced, get a fl18.
  4. I have one for my service door on the garage. It works great. Never had issues of it freezing. Batteries last quit a while. Mine does not have a key backup but a spare battery FOB thingy that connects to the knob should your batteries die.
  5. Hey all- I currently reside in the Metro but I'm looking for a great vet that doesn't break the bank. I have friends up Crosby/Aitkin that seem to pay a 1/10 of the bill I pay down here...with way better care. I'm willing to drive I currently live south metro but again, I'm willing to drive. I'm also considering just using the vet near Crosby/Aitkin for annual visits when I'm up that way but our dog is getting old and need a couple extra visits a year. Thanks, CC
  6. I think I left part of the dealership conversation out but this seems like a great time to fill it in... When I went in and explained the slow leak, where it was at, and the possibility of using a rebuild kit, he looked up my info, saw I bought the tires form them, and that since it was under two years, Toyota would cover it...FOR FREE! I even signed a receipt saying the bill would be $0 cost to me. So it was quite a surprise when the service manager comes out to the lobby and says, "I got some bad news. Since your truck has TPMS, it's going to cost $283 and it's not covered by the warranty." LOL so yeah....getting my hopes up.
  7. Minnesota (Fishing, Deer, Waterfowl, Small Game, Pheasant) Nebraska (Waterfowl-Snow goose) ND (Waterfowl) Canada (Fishing) Potential SD (Pheasant-pending reports) Potential Missouri (Deer-pending dates) Potential Elk out West TBT (Pending dates) SD & Missouri are every other year hunts Elk will be my first time EVER if it happens but it's looking more and more like next year.
  8. Just to elaborate... I bought the rebuilt kits at the Toyota dealership and they were Toyota OEM. I could have bought ones online ranging from $2.99-4.99 that were aftermarket that probably were exactly the same...by since I was taking them in and paying for someone to remove the tire, I didn't want to find out they didn't fit wasting more time and money.
  9. UPDATE: I bought a rebuild kit for $10 and brought it in to Twin city tire and they had it done in 15 minutes for $19! This is what I don't get, I asked the Toyota dealership if they could rebuild it and they said no, and that I needed to replace the whole sensor...again for $283. This is the second time they fed me incorrect info and tried to up sell me on fixes I didn't need. The dealership in question... Burnsville Toyota. I don't think they realize how much info is out on the web. I also get the web isnt always correct (I work in a hospital so we see it too) but there's no reason they couldn't have check into this further and seen it only needed a new gasket... Heck, they had the tire off. It was basically easier for them to install the complete TPMS then to try the cheap $10 fix. So $29 and I'm set...until the next one goes! Thanks guy!
  10. That sensor may have saved you $300...but It'll gets its revenge when you have to replace it...for $300.
  11. Ain't that the truth! More updates...Harbor Freight has a bead break with good reviews for $40! I could buy all the tools and kits for less than what they charge to fix. And it seems like a five minute fix...famous last words right? LOL Probably bring it to the shop with the kit and go form there. I'll keep you posted and we'll see if I dig a bigger hole or come out ahead.
  12. I sprayed the entire wheel and found no leaks. I than sprayed the valve stem and found a very slow leak. No way of knowing how it was damaged but I highly doubt it was caused by the shop...it's been over a month since my at service which did include ire rotation. Also no impact that I'm aware of. I get buy a rebuild kit for $10.64....but still need to get the tire off. Do I have to rebalance the tires if I take them off? If I mark the tire and rim? A local tire shop wil do it for $110 with new sensor and calibration...but worried it won't calibrate as I've read that only Toyota has the tools to do it??? Anyways, I'm going to buy the kit and see if the tire shop can fix it with that for about $50...but if I need to replace TPMS, I'll probably just replace them all with normal stems
  13. Leech- How did you fix yours? Regular stem? Did you or a shop do it? I don't have a tire taker-offer tool but also heard shops can't remove TPMS only unless the sensor is broke...guessing my qualifies since it has a leak????
  14. What a mofo joke these are. I have a pretty slow leak coming from one of my TPMS tire stems. The dealer wants $283 to fix this! Are u efn kidding me? What are my options here? 2012 Tundra. Fill it up every week? Can I replace it with a standard stem? Will/can a shop put on a standard stem? I get the light will remain on. Also heard the batteries go dead WITHIN 10 years. $300/ for new tires ever 4 years, $283 in probably 8 years. Its a efn tire. I'm pretty sure I can visually see of its low on air...I don't need $1200 sensors to tell me that. I'm beginning to hate my Tundra more and more...or it could be the worthless Toyota dealerships I've been dealing with. Anyone else deal with these? What did you do? Sensors alone apparently are about $106 each plus the awesome $150 shop time and tax or whatever. I miss the good old days when the government didn't have their efn hand in every stupid accident that happens and tries to fix it with talk. Rant just starting. I've got multiple trips happening soon.
  15. WAIT A MINUTE...so what was your intentions of the original post? LOL
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