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2003 LETS Metro Division Rules Lakes and Dates

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L.E.T.S. Go Fishing!!
Leading Edge Tournament Series Metro Division 2003
Official Rules and Information

L.E.T.S. is a league format event in which teams of 2 anglers compete for points. This is a multi-species tournament series which allows for a wide variety of fishing options.

League Size- 15 teams

Teams- 2 people must sign up to be league members. Teams may use substitutes, but at least 1 registered team member must participate.

Cost- League dues for 2003 will be $300 per team. All fees will go towards event pay-outs, overall champion payouts, and any league expenses. The first 15 teams to send in their dues will be allowed into the league.

Events-There will be six one day events.
A rules meeting will be held at 6:30 am for each event.Tournament will start at 7:00 with a one hour break at 11:00 and conclude at 4:00pm.

Dates and Locations-

May 18th Mississippi River Pool 4
public launch at Red Wing

June 15th Prior Lake
Sand Point access

June 29th Big Marine
DNR access Mayberry Tr.

July 20th Waconia
DNR access

August 10th St Croix River
Bayport public access

Sept 7th White Bear Lake
County access Lake Av.

Dates and Locations subject to change

Pay-out Schedule(based on a 15 team league):
Individual event pay-outs
1st place - $150
2nd place - $125
3rd place - $100
4th place - $75
5th place - $50
Big Fish - $50
Season championship pay-outs
1st place - $350
2nd place - $220
3rd place - $120
4th place - $75
5th place - $50


General Rules:

L.E.T.S. prides itself as being a catch-and-release league. Taking some fish for the pan is ok, but selective harvest is strongly recommended.

1) All rules and regulations of the State of Minnesota must be observed at all times. There will also be a boat and trailer inspection for aquatic vegetation prior to teams launching their boat.

2) A cell phone or marine band radio must be n the boat at all times. This is necessary for safety and to contact other teams for large fish verification.

3) Teams must respect other teams. No fishing within 30 yards of another team will be allowed unless invited by said team to do so. Non league boats must also be respected at all times.

4) All check-in deadlines will be strictly enforced. A watch synchronization will take place each morning.

5) There will be a staggered start. Teams will draw for starting position before each event. Boats will then leave the starting point in 5 second intervals with the last team being the starter boat. After the break, this order will be reversed. On the second day, order of start will be determined by total points, having the lowest scoring team go first, highest last. In case of a tie, the first days' starting order will be used. This order will be maintained after the second days' break.

6) Scoring- The scoring system will be based on weight converted to points. There will also be points awarded for attendance.

Point values- 1 lb of fish = 1 pt (Across the board for all species)

Attendance= 2 points per event

Walleye= Minimum size = 12 inches
Pike= Minimum size = 20 inches
LM/SM Bass= Minimum size = 12 inches
Sunfish= Minimum size = 7 inches
Crappie= Minimum size = 9 inches
Perch = Minimum size = 9 inches
Lake Trout= Minimum size = 16 inches
Catfish=Minimum size=16 inches
Muskie= Any legal fish will be worth 25 points

One bonus point will be awarded for each Pike, Walleye, Bass combination brought in for a maximum bonus of 3 points.

A running point total will be kept towards an end of the year league champion. These points will be based on order of finish. 1st place will receive 15 points, second 14, and so on plus attendance points. Ties will be determined by largest fish caught.

7) Each team will be allowed one person's legal limit per day.

8) The wearing of lifejackets while teams boat is under power of main engine is strongly encouraged.

9) All boats must have a live well or other means such as a cooler with an aerator capable of keeping fish alive. Stringers and fish baskets will not be allowed.

10) Any water that can be accessed by boat without having to pull, push or drag the boat will be deemed tournament water. The use of a push-pole, oar or paddle will be allowed.

11) All teams must remain in their boat except in case of emergency, or at breaks or weigh-ins.

12) Fishing in Minnesota presents a wide range of weather conditions that anglers must face. Events will only be cancelled in the event of lightning. The event will not be completely cancelled, only postponed until the lightning has passed. In event of lightning, all boats must return to the starting area or another location of safety. This will allow ample time for teams to reach safety. Teams failing to report in either via cell phone or marine radio will loose all points for that day except under conditions where teams must take immediate cover and unable to make it back to the starting point or reply.
Teams will be contacted by cell phone or marine band radio if a postponement is called.

13) All rules and scoring decisions will be made by league president and are final. In the event of a rules violation or conflict by the league president, the league vice president will make the call. Any rules changes will be announced prior to each event.

To register for the Metro Division of L.E.T.S. please email
Dennis Steele(fishhead)
[email protected]

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hey fishead,
is it required that everyone launches at the same launch for the RedWing event? I'm just thinking Pool 4 is huge and some may want to fish down by the Lake City area possibly which is a major haul by boat... Is there any interest in Everts for a weigh-in area? I was thinking I could contact them to see if they were interested in helping host the weigh-in if that is of interest. The public launch in RedWing is pretty nice as well.

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Yes every one will have to launch from the same site.We have a meeting before we launch.
I had not considered Everets because of the $7 to launch there.
If they were to waive that fee for us I think that would be an excellent place to have the weigh ins.
I guess its worth a shot. smile.gif

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I didn't get a response from Everts... thought it may be good advertising for them and would be a nice place to have a weigh-in.. I thought they might be open for the opportunity and give us a deal on launching, but I agree in not paying for a launch... I normally launch out of the public access as well... The public launch is very nice out there, so no big deal...

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Hey Dennis!
Got a hypothetical question that could come up. In the walleye tourney on Leech a two person team can keep 2 walleyes over 24" in the 6 fish total. It isn't one persons legal limit but it still is legal because there is 2 people fishing. In LETS what would be the call say if a team did bring in two walleyes over 24"? Rule 7 says 'one persons legal limit' but having 2 walleyes over 24" would technically be legal. I'm hoping to run into this problem at some point in the schedule. Thanks!


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another question regarding rules...

Are you required to weigh all fish in at lunch? It is much better for the fish, agreed, but makes for more of a strategy type tournament rather than who has caught the heaviest basket for the day... if you weigh your limit of 12" bass in the morning and catch a limit of 5 pounders in the afternoon, you lose out big time... if you throw back all the 12" fish and bagel it in the afternoon, you lose as well... Upgrading weights seems like it would be a big mess - keeping track of each individual fish, etc... Are we just meant to weigh in those fish in the morning that we don't plan on trying to cull in the afternoon? That may not give people much incentive to weigh fish in at lunch.

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Thats a good question mistermom!
Unfortunately the answer is no.It is one persons legal limit as stated in the rules.

No where in the rules does it state you have to weigh fish in at the first break.Some ones been doing some thinking! smile.gif

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I have a question also. As stated above, rule seven states

7) Each team will be allowed one person's legal limit per day.

Now, this means one boat can weigh in say, 5 bass in one day. I was under the impression that the catfish limit was 5, so didn't dennis and sam weigh in 2 limits? I am just confused, not complaining, thanks all.

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Oh, I get it. So Dennis & Sam got 15+2 for 1st at the event, not 50 some-odd points! So, the big bag meant a slam-dunk on that event, not a big carry-over weight! Ohhh okay! Got it.

Peace and Fishes

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The legal limit for catfish on Pool 4 is 10 catfish.Canopy and I only weighed in one persons legal limit.I mentioned that the cat limit was 10 at the morining rules meeting.
Attendance and winning points will be added in Overall Standings.Not yet posted.

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Thanks dennis. I wasn't pointing fingers, I just didn't know that rule on pool 4. Never fished there before. Guess cause I was late it kinda screwed me up too, sorry.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • It hasn’t been a hay day but I’ve managed a limit of ducks each day plus a couple geese today.   Its always impressive coming out and seeing birds literally by the thousands but they aren’t fools!  Plus, anyone who hunts out here knows, you have to work to be rewarded.  Lots of scouting, lots of decoys, and lots of analyzing.  And then, lots of patients can come in handy.   40 yards out here looks 20 in Minnesota.  Its amazing.
    • Whatever it is, it looks to be over 50 and I’d like to see more. 😉😁
    • Day 1. We got back into my favorite spot around 615am...waited on the trail until sun up, plenty of bear sign around we didn’t want to push it. Legal shooting was about 715. Not very many hunters out here this year. One local told us it’s due to the bears...anyways we sat til about 10 then starting moving ridge to ridge. Didn’t see anything. I may have taken a small nap after lunch for a few mins according to my son. Around 1pm we moved to cliff edge where we could see out around 300 yards and sat until dark. About 430pm mulie does moved past us...probably 20 of them. Then all was quiet until 530 when I thought I heard a cow. My son then says ELK!! 3 cows were 40 yards from us but with the timber he couldn’t get a shot off. They then bolted back to where they came from which was a big clearing. Cole looked at me and said can I go look...I said ya... you crest the top and I will call and see if we can get them to stop. He disappeared from sight and i let off a small cow call and the woods erupted with cows making all kinds of noise and half hearted bugle.  I was waiting with anticipation for what comes next. I hear his rifle bark and then a flash of orange on the cliff above me....huge grin and I nailed hear. He waited for about 5 mins never saw the bull come out, there was 30 cows in the field and he got a dandy. Elk down on day 1 of his first elk trip. We gave each other a huge hug and some high fives! Then the work began. Finally made it back to camp around 10pm. We are worn out and ready to get back out in the morning to find that bull! Stay tuned it’s been everything we could ask for and it’s just beginning! 
    • its interesting thats for sure. puma for sure me still thinks. Leaves are about foot and a half would put the head at about 3 feet or so. Me double thinks cougarumamountainlioncatamountpuma ! 
    • Can-ya-mount a panther in Minnesota? 😉
    • be careful Eyeguy!! I would like to ice fish with you a few time this winter.
    • Well, that was pretty pathetic! Regardless of Annexstad’s health status, Morgan has to be the starter next week! Offense looked so much better with him under center. That’s about the only positive thing I have to say.
    • Big Dave I'm thinking it's a mountain lion or maybe a catamount. 
    • Sorry guys didn't realize posting a video would cause such a controversy! 😆. Anyways, yes, isolated cover has been what has seemed to work great for me, especially on pressured lakes. As far as catching bass goes, it's what I target 90% of the time in summer simply because I love the fight! Spring and winter I mostly target walleye then.
    • Wow did Butler look good lastnight! Saw a lot of things (particularly in the 4th quarter) that show this team is NOT very good without Butler. Apparently the fans have no ill will towards him, as they MVP chant was getting pretty loud.