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  1. Hey Brian and GSP! Brian if the # you got is 651 451 etc. it should be the right one. You guys want to try for the last weekend in October? Also I will be out in the Brooten area this Thursday through Sunday. If you guys are out that way possibly we could hook up out there? Later men! mm
  2. Went with my Uncle today on my Dad's propperty. I got two roosters with two shots (I've never done that before) and saw a lot of hens and about 6 more roosters. My Uncle didn't get any decent chances; but he had fun! mm Brian and gspman when do you want to come hunt the northwoods roosters with me? Let me know!
  3. I hunted forever without a dog. Something I did that worked for me is making sure I kicked into every decent piece of cover as I walked. If I saw a patch of brush or something that was a little thicker than the cover around it, I made sure I pushed through it. Another thing I would do is if I saw the grass ahead of me moving like a bird is moving through it I would run at it and make the bird jump. Good luck! mm
  4. I don't carry much of anything. I'da man and That Guy carry everything I need mm
  5. I'd get 4" ringworms, paddle tails about the same size, and also some Kalins, and some twister tail grubs of various sizes. You probably want to get an assortment of colors because the water clarity and time of day will determine what you want to try. Good luck! mm
  6. Hey Rob! When did you become a walleye nut? Man I have been gone a long time. I think you will like NE Iowa just fine. There is some tremendous walleye fishing on the pools down there as well as the Iowa river. I've talked with a few of the guys from down that way on a different HSOforum (that I can't mention by name.) Good luck with your move sir! Joel
  7. mistermom

    Fish Naked

    A treble hook in the finger hurts bad enough mm
  8. No! Dennis will have you fishing with live 7" bullheads on a #8 Gamakatsu circle hook tied to 80 lb power pro. mm
  9. I was out yesterday for an hour or so walking in about 8" of powdery snow. I didn't see a bird or hardly a track. My guess would be that the birds were holed up in the pines and brush and were flying to get to wherever they were going. I don't see how they could easily walk in that powder. If I had found the birds yesterday I'm sure I would have found dozens. Meltdown coming this week which should help things out a little. Good luck! mm
  10. Hey Brian! You are correct sir. And if the count can be believed there should be some real good number of birds in Isanti, Pine, and Kanabec counties. I'm looking forward to Charlie and Daisy having some playdates soon! mm
  11. Cattin' is definetly fun. Fisher Dave helped me catch a 20 lb flat on pool 2 a while back. And I keep thinking if a 20 lb flat fights that hard what is a 40 lb like? I hope to find out! And "Howdy!" to Dennis. Still need to hook up with you sir and soon! mm
  12. A lot of folks on the Mississippi pools pull floating stickbaits on 3-way rigs. And also troll the rip-rap and wingdams with shadrap type cranks. mm
  13. Sorry! I was trying to put up a picture of a ringworm; but I'm not talented enough to do it. Anyway, a ringworm is typically a plastic worm with a curly tail, usually ribbed, and 4" tends to be the length people use. A bunch of tackle companies make them. And people typically fish them with the lightest jig you can use. mm
  14. My prayers go out to your cousin and your family and all the soldiers of our country. I am overwhelmed almost daily by the stories of courage and honor. And I am humbled by the men and women who sacrifice so much for all of us. God Bless our soldiers. mm
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