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  1. Hey All, From Bluffton to Lower Dam on the Upper Iowa male Smallies are srarting to pre-stage close to protected rocks & sand and hitting pretty near anything that will tick a rock or drift into their calm-spot. Don't forget the protected C&R area from the College Ave Bridge in Decorah down to Upper Dam past Freemont. Found a few small walleyes; seems I missed the run again THIS year! Trout fishing is good at sunset. Take the kids and some crawlers; they're as reliable as bluegill for the little ones in the feeder streams right now. Best To Ya, Robert Carbonell
  2. I'm in Decorah. We're headed down with rods to the Upper Iowa here in town for the first time since the flooding. Some guys have been out working the new undercut banks that weren't there before. As far as the economic impact on parts of Iowa goes - the only words to describe it are "devastating" and "tragic". The whole country is going to feel the impact of diminished ethanol and food production, just like we all felt the surge in construction material costs following Katrina. Decorah itself got off light; just inconvenienced, really, but Cedar Rapids, Des Moine and thousands of acres of agricultural land are feeling huge, uninsured losses. So anyway - delmuts, you have far more discipline than I do!
  3. WOW! Things sure look different on this site since I was here last oh...over a year ago! Hopefully some of the same cat-daddies are still hanging around. Anyhoo... I live in Decorah, Iowa now and my closest stretch of The Missy is pool 9. Pool 9 is more like a mesotropic lake, than a traditional river; LM bass, pike, sunnies, walleye, sucker & drum. I've found some channel cats, but not many. The backwater system is extensive with several strong sloughs and many shallow lakes. I have found a couple of deep holes (20'+) in the backwater systems, but haven't shaken anything from them. My question is a two-parter. 1) Does anyone out there have any experience with flatheads on pool 9? 2) With the above description, do any of you veteran river-rats have suggestions regarding search strategies? Oh yeah - sunfish are legal bait, I can get bullheads but not easily and gizzard shad, while legal, are illegal to transport even within the same water system. I have a canoe but I am mostly shore-bound.
  4. FROM DECORAH; I just got done reading an article from Oregon in '06 regarding habitat impact and fish recovery from something like this. It was optimistic and pointed out that heavy flooding can actually improve spawn habitat in the long run and that a good percentage of fish keep to the same stretches of river during heavy flows. I guess they find a place to hunker down and wait it out. I imagine that trout streams in highre elevations around here will recover faster than the low-lying basins. Some guy I ran into yesterday was talking about bow-hunting carp in his corn field!
  5. Ya'll gave me some inspiration! I went to the shed to look for a leech bucket and couldn't find one, nor was my wife willing to let me use one of our thermos bottles so I looked around and saw an old water bottle. It's a wide-mouth water bottle whose cap is held on with a plastic loop back around the neck. The plastic loop fulfills the lanyard requirement, and a couple of hundred 1/32" holes just below the neck fills the flow requirement. All that's missing is flotation/insulation. Wait-wait...I've got it!! We have some old tattered dense foam sleeping mats for tent camping. I'll just cut a shape, wrap it around the bottle and either hoseclamp or ducttape it in place! Not a leech locker, leech tamer or leech tote. More like a leech cozy! I just hope I don't get confused and reach for the leech cozy when I'm looking for a beer cozy!
  6. Aaaahhhhh! Thank you! Pick's spot gave up some nice smallmouth action as well as suckers and creek chubs (which The Boy enjoys sight-fishing). Next week when the wife & kids are on vacation with Gramma I'm thinking about Lower Dam and finding a trail to the southwest side of it. Once the alumibeater is legal I'll try out those lakes as well as the Missy.
  7. Rockbass - I've never encountered the large grubs, just the black spots that they have a lot more of than other fish seem to have. I've eaten them and found them as tasty as crappie and easier to filet due to the large shoulders. There is a really cool exhibit on Hmong culture and immigration history in the Science Museum. Check it out. The twin cities is the largest Hmong community in America, so it would be good for any twin cities residents to go and learn more. For instance, due to the terrain in the highlands and midlands where they originated from, livestock wasn't as easy to raise as it was for the lowland farmers, so hunting and fishing became cultural mainstays for the Hmong. A friend of mine has gone deer hunting with a Hmong woman and found her skills to surpass his in matters of stalking and tracking.
  8. Aquaman01

    Unusual fish

    I like catching them, and so do the kids. We have some pix of the kids with "dinosaur fish". The species is older than any other north american freshwater fish except the gar. The spawn coloration is pretty psychodelic! Funny thing, though - part of this species' success is that their liver is poisonous to other fish, so the only natural predator a mature bowfin has is a bigger bowfin. A guy who used to post put up a story about wading with a stringer of sunnies on his belt and a bowfin came up and started chowing on the sunnies!
  9. Thanks a lot, guys! I'm gonna try to make it over to Pick's spot this afternoon.
  10. Thanks! Upper Dam gave me nothing, but the kids liked catching creek chubs and suckers.
  11. Well, I'm pretty much in Decorah, now. What to do tomorrow...let's see...look for work?, get my library card?, mow the lawn?, organize the shop? Oh..oh...wait!! I think I'll take my new fishing license to Upper Dam and see what happens! Yeah, THAT'S the ticket!
  12. Daddy Day Care sounds like a heck of a gig! I'll kinda be doing that - homeschooling the two oldest during the day, working at night. Yer right...Mabe's pizza didn't knock me outta my seat, but Sabor Latino was GREAT! A Mexican lunch buffet!?! I was in heaven! The buffet at the Chinese place is pretty good, too.
  13. Picks - Thanks a lot! I never thought of checking with Cabelas. I'll surely do that. I'd love to fish with Kev, or any locals who are willing to spend some time with an outlander. My kids love the idea of a river flowing right through town and being able to fish it on a moment's notice. Dad is really, really looking forward to the Iowa regs!! Two lines, sunnies for bait, transportable crawdads, no closed seasons on walters or pike, channel cats are a sportfish (not a borderline rough fish), two lines, cast nets & seines, two lines, etc.... Thanks!
  14. Hi. I'm Rob and I'm gonna be your new neighbor...in a couple of months or so. My wife is finishing her nursing degree at Luther and bringing me and the kids (7, 5, 1.5) with her. I'm leaving behind the Upper Mississippi (upriver from the navigation channel) as my favorite place to fish. I never developed a big fondness for still water - I like current. I'm looking for a Pool 9 guide, actually. My wife is giving me a guide trip for my 40th birthday and I figure that a day of know-how on Pool 9 would be beneficial. Anybody ideas?
  15. Thanks a lot guys! I'll surely look you up, Kev. Our offer on a house in Decorah was accepted and we close May 1. My head is happy but my back isn't looking forward to it I'm acheing to try out that long run of rip-rap under the Water st bridge! Thanks again!
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