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New campground found!

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My wife was lamenting about how everyone was camping in the parks this weekend and how we weren't. shocked

We have been looking at used campers because the prices are good right now. I'm not really the "camper" type-unless it's in a tent and on the ground.

I told the wife that there was a huge sandbar adjoining our property that would be perfect for camping,so we checked it out today.

[All taken with a Canon point and shoot]

Yep,it was big!



She had to take inventory crazy


The kids wouldn't leave,I had to carry out a 20lb. bag of clamshells.


I think this is a soybean? Maybe a goose [PoorWordUsage] it out?


Instead of being crowded at a park,I'd much rather pitch a tent out there,get a huge fire going,and throw out the lines for catfish when the sun goes down and listen to the woods.

The girls' friends and their folks all do the r/v park camping,but I would rather take them out here. Hey,maybe their friends might like this kind of camping better once they try it?

Seriously,does anybody still do this kinda thing?

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Very inviting pictures you have there.

I'm with you on the hole pitching a tent in that kind of setting.

I usually get out on the St.Croix 2 or 3 times a year on spots such as those but this year has been a bust with the boat down and all.

Oh the memories of waking to a rising river or a fog layer 15 ft off the water and the morning sun sneaking its rays between the fog and water bouncing off the cliffs and shining back on the water. Reminder to self bring extra batteries for camera.

Thanks for the photo's, now I am going to really pester the guy working on my boat motor.

So, after the inventory does wife look interested? Looks like an awsome local.

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That's a great looking nighttime cat shore fishing spot all right, MM. Brings me back to the days . . . smile

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