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He who Hesitates!

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That age old cliche`, "he who hesitates" is oh so true! Especially so when there's an injured fish floating on the surface of the Red River in Lockport!

In the first scene an Osprey has spotted the little Fresh water Drum (AKA sheepshead) and begins to circle for an approach.


However the osprey isn't the only sharp eyed fish eater prowling the skies over the Red. This white pelican also spotted the tiny drum and instantly began its decent.


Without any hesiation the pelican sets her down with in a feet feet of the dying fish and quickly moves in for dinner.

A mere and effortless scoop with its massive yap and its "all she wrote"!



Tilt the head back and swallow! Nothing to it!!! wink


The young Great horned owl is left speechless at the pelicans display of "taking care of business"!


The smug look on mister pelicans mug says it all!


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Great series, but I wanted to see the osprey and the pelican duke it out frown Oh well, that probably would have been too traumatic for the young gho. Seriously though, that must have been cool to witness and you did a nice job with the action.

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Outstanding - a fun series of excellent images!

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