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  1. dockothebay

    MN State Fair

    We enjoy at day at the Fair every few years, this was the year. Good food & great people watching. Here's how things looked on Machinery Hill on a Tuesday, with a little help from my iPhone
  2. dockothebay

    Aurora Duh.....

    Hi Deb!! Thanks. I just made lots of noise on the way to the dock to scare the racoons away - we have a bear too, but he hasn't been around for a few weeks that I can tell. Dan and Ken, Thanks too - I should have taken lots more shots while I sat on the dock -- just never realized what I was looking at, I kept expecting to see a little more color/light. Nothing to be done about it now, I'll be more ready next time!!
  3. dockothebay

    Aurora Duh.....

    Last week I got all excited about the Aurora forecast - I was up at the cabin (Hackensack) and the skies were clear all day. Some wispy clouds rolled in and I spent 30 or 40 minutes on the dock waiting to see something, adjusting my camera settings & swatting mosquitos. The sky was kind of light, but I wasn't seeing any color. I went back in the cabin, but checked the skies every 15 minutes or so until about 1:30. I finally went to bed thinking there just wasn't much of a show. When I looked at my "set up" shots the next day I was surprised to see the Aurora peeking out! These are not good aurora images at all, but were a great learning experience for me, and maybe other beginners can learn a bit as well! Next time...... ISO 2000; f 2.8 and 30 seconds. I had to do some adjusting in post processing to get this much color. Next time I'll start at 20 seconds and ask the neighbor to turn out his yardlight! Bonus shot of the Big Dipper ISO 2000, f/2.8 and 15 seconds So glad that we will have more of these events to look forward to this year and next!
  4. dockothebay

    State Flower

    Nice shots Jim! It's so much fun to see something like these in the wild!
  5. dockothebay

    Hummingbird nest

    Way cool! Thanks for sharing!!
  6. dockothebay

    Baby loon time again!

    Thanks all - we were excited to see the chicks this year. In 2010, two chicks disappeared within 2 days of the hatch and last year only one of the eggs hatched. I think these little guys were about 2 or 3 days old, max. We floated through the area where they were feeding and they were not bothered by the boat at all. This was taken with a 100-400 mm lens at 400 mm and then cropped quite a bit. Anyway, it was fun to see them and hopefully we'll get to watch them grow all summer!
  7. dockothebay


    These are really nice Mike, cute little guy, no matter what he's chewing on!!
  8. Family dinner time.
  9. dockothebay

    Hummers are a blast

    Nice shots! I love these little guys too. We don't have much blooming at the cabin yet, so my shots are all on the feeders or in the trees. Maybe next week there'll be a few more blossoms...
  10. dockothebay

    Bluebird mystery & questions...

    Thanks WDH - and thanks for the hint about providing a cue when the food is set out. It did work and was pretty cool. Will check out that HSOforum -- and try again!
  11. dockothebay

    Bluebird mystery & questions...

    Thanks CF and IA4 - I will clean the box out. We were feeding mealworms right after we saw them the first time and we could put the worms out, clap, and within 2 or 3 minutes the bluebirds were here eating. Someone on this site suggested that - I can remember who it was but thank you too! We don't have many cats around, but I have seen the same one hanging around the yard 2 or 3 times this spring. Would love to have another pair show up!!
  12. dockothebay

    Bluebird mystery & questions...

    For the first time in more than 35 years we had a pair of bluebirds show up in late March! By early May, Mama was sitting in the nest - (cruddy picture, but you get the idea! Then we were gone for a week and when we returned no bluebirds around at all, but the eggs were in the nest. Gone again, and this morning when I checked the nest - no eggs!!! or shells or debris of any kind!! I'm kind of assuming the adults fell victim to a hawk or even a cat, but what the heck happened to the eggs?? Could a raccoon have gotten them out of the nest without leaving a mess? It is pretty accessible where it's posted and we do have the occasional raccoon cruise through the yard. So, not should I clean out the box or will I have the chance to attract more bluebirds for a second hatch? The wrens are around the yard today too, they used this box last year. Maybe we need to move the box too.
  13. dockothebay

    Say hello to my little friend

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing the journey --
  14. dockothebay

    Capture Minnesota Book

    Congratulations! and thanks - I just peeked at the HSOforum, looks like a new Internet hang out to look at some fine photography!
  15. dockothebay

    Gracie is going to be a year old

    Very nice shots and a beautiful little girl. I think cropping or cloning the distraction is a good idea. The only other thing I would try is to get it a little brighter? (Maybe that's just my monitor too) These kind of images are certainly personal preference and maybe you already tried that. I don't do much for portrait images, but have seen a number of free photoshop "actions" that are used a lot in this kind of image. If you google "free ps actions" you get lots of options. MCP Actions, Texas Chicks are two that I have played with a bit. Again, these changes are very personal, and you have created a beautiful shot here.