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  1. That is top shelf super deluxe good! Congrats.
  2. ShawnZ

    Painted Bunting in MN?

    There was one reported and seen by many observers in Aitkin County this spring as well. Gorgeous bird and congrats. Most Minnesotans will never have this bird on their "yard" list...
  3. ShawnZ

    Trumpeter or tundra swan

    B. Amish gave some good pointers for identifying trumpeters vs tundra swans. One other thing that will help, (obviously not from photos), is to learn their vocalizations....easy to tell apart that way. That being said, I would say these are likely tundra swans given how many of them are in one spot....(away from Monticello in the winter anyway...)
  4. ShawnZ

    Bird ID

    Definitely purple finch. The last image features both male and female purple finch.
  5. ShawnZ

    Warbler Weekend

    Great variety, and some of the "premo" warbler species for sure...The Bay Breasted is a prime specimen there! Excellent job with the ID on all the birds.
  6. ShawnZ

    So many birds...

    Very cool eye level on the blackpoll warbler. Sweet mix of birds here to sir.
  7. ShawnZ

    Cross one of the bucket list.

    Gorgeous bird. Congrats and some nice images to boot.
  8. ShawnZ

    Mystery Bird

    From what I've read online, (and I track this stuff obsessively) has been a good year for warblers visiting backyard feeding stations (in general)...Tennesee warblers have been observed at a number of backyard locations in the state.
  9. ShawnZ

    Some swamp photos

    American Bittern in flight is very tough to get. You did quite well there.
  10. ShawnZ

    American Golden Plover

    Great find. They are not rare, and are more common in the western areas of the state during their spring migration. Their breeding plumage is soooo beautiful. Living in Duluth, I see them more frequently in the fall, and many of those are juvenile birds that have a more widely dispersed migratory path. From what I have read, the species used to be far more numerous. They were slaughtered wholesale during the market gunner days. They could be killed by the thousands on a single day, because apparently, the birds that were not initially shot would continually fly back over the dead birds until they themselves were shot. I'm sure Audobon ate a few American Golden Plovers during his time...
  11. ShawnZ

    Mystery Bird

    It's a Tennesee Warbler... and I'm not guessing Great bird to have coming into a feeder area. I still have squadoosh for images of this species.
  12. ShawnZ

    Alcatraz Visit

    Interesting place, and creepy...I drove by it once a couple years ago. Good images in terms of giving a good "feel" of the place. Of course I'm drawn to the gull image .... It's a Western Gull BTW.
  13. ShawnZ


    Awesome image of the yellow rumped warbler. The lichen and bark echo the color scheme of the warbler perfectly!
  14. ShawnZ

    A couple of good weeks

    I don't see any "junk" birds, and would suggest that if anyone else does, it only translates to a lack of time spent watching and learning about said "junk" birds....This is a great collection of images in regards to diversity. The standout for me, is seeing the swamp sparrow up in the tray uncommon occurence at best imo. Thanks for sharing.
  15. I'd say #6 is a home run. Very nice image there!