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  1. my grandpa has a 1953 hiller garden tractor he wants me to restore. I looked at the motor and its missing the carb. i cannot find ANY info on anything about it. this is all it says on the motor. Power Production Corporation. Grafton, Wisconsin. Serial no.186611w224 model no. ah47 if anyone has any info please let me know!! you can email me at [email protected] thanks
  2. codyBfishing

    First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    dad doesnt pay....
  3. codyBfishing

    1st Lake Sturgeon

    my first and only sturgon was a whopping 14 inches! haha. it was still exiting though!
  4. codyBfishing

    ?Good beginner baitcaster?

    i love my abu garcia... i think its 6600 or something like that... I got it at Fleet Farm for 80 bucks
  5. codyBfishing

    Making Bucktail Spinners

    Thanks. Well at least if im haveing fun i can pretend im saving money right?! haha. but i just think it would be fun to make my own and have it the way i want it.
  6. codyBfishing

    Making Bucktail Spinners

    In the past two years i started musky fishing and now im hooked on it and love it! The only thing that Sucks is that Im only 15 and its hard to find a job besides mowing yards and stuff so i make very little money; and well you guessed it; it all goes to new lures! Which is okay but i looked a little bit and realized that in the long run i might save some money by buying componets and making my own lures, plus they will be my personal lures. Im wondering if anyone has any advice on were to start. Whats the best way to make the lures and what techniques are there. I would very much appreciate any advice and/or tips. Thanks! cody
  7. codyBfishing

    Sheepshead Smashes Car Windshield

    lol; the next day they find that she kills every rough fish she catches...
  8. codyBfishing

    He who Hesitates!

    good post i liked it!
  9. codyBfishing

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    my first musky. caught last fall on minnetanka. i was on crutches though so my step dad held it. 38 inches