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Cat Tip of the Day: Cat Bait Harness

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I’ve read my 2009 In-Fisherman Catfish Insider from end to end and found one rigging option that has me very intrigued. The blue cat article featuring John Jamison and Jeremy Leach showed a two hook rig they use. What they do is make a standard 2 hook minnow harness using 7/0 to 5/0 circle hooks with the hooks separated about 3” to 4”. I liked the thought of being able to two hook a large bait. That extra stinger hook might just be that hookup advantage that a lot of us are missing during hook sets.

Trouble is that in Minnesota inland waters we are restricted to using only 1 hook unless you are using a lure. The way around the one hook rule is to make your rig a lure by adding a spinner or some other type of lure device hence that is how worm harnesses and minnow harnesses become legal. With the lure idea in mind I made myself a few two hook cat bait harnesses using real size hooks (5/0 to 8/0 sized) not those little bitty walleye hooks and placing some beads, a clevis and a small spinner in line just in front of the first hook. The spinner may give us some additional vibration and help the cat find the bait. The addition of the hardware should make this a legal lure.

This is a Circle Hook Bait Harness:


This is a J hook Bait Harness:


You can see from the photos that a standard snell knot works perfect. After rigging up several cat harnesses using circle hooks and a few with some standard J hooks I set out last night to give them a test run. I’d like to give you a report that they were the miracle cure for early season flatheads but unfortunately you still need to put the bait in front of a hungry flat to catch one. Even though I still need to catch a flathead on this setup I was convinced that it will work after seeing it in action. I thought I would throw it out here so you can add another tool for the cat box and maybe help me test it out.

This was my Flathead Bait Harness in action with a good sized sheepshead head for bait. I had the front hook bridle hooked - no takers tonight though:


Cat Bait Harness Update - 6 June 09: I've used this setup now for over a month and have hooked up with 9 flatheads, three of those over 40 lbs and I can report that this setup definitely works. It is now my flathead confidence rig and one that I primarily use.

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Is that considered one hook? I have seen them at the local sport stores but thought it would be looked at as two hooks? Man the MN regs are hard to understand at times.

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Is that considered one hook?

Technically it would be considered a legal lure! wink

Good post Steve. You have a ton of material for future cat tips of the day from this years issue.

I experimented with some mono leaders last year and I came up with this idea.


The rock is not part of the lure

I have never used it, but "technically" a single bead placed above the forward hook turns this dual hook set-up into a legal lure wink This is a another grey area (loop-hole) in the regs, that I verfied it is ok with down town and a local CO up here, but yet to see what a CO on the river would say about it grin.

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I don't know the wording of the rule, but it should be if you have 1 continuous bait, either live or cut (no segments), you should be able to use it. I think that clears up a lot of gray area and the concerns they would have. I am pretty sure their worries are that they don't want people trying to catch multiple fish on one line. I'd also reuit single barb hooks only, no trebles.

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we use these alot on the river when useing large suckers. and the officer told us that as long as there is a bead before your weight it was fine. These rigs work great!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • At the KMart at Nicollet and Lake in Minneapolis, there is a flock of pigeons that numbers several hundreds. Last Thursday going home from the Super Market I saw a large hawk make a strike at one, but missed.  This was a pretty dark bird overall and much bigger than a Coopers or a Sharpshin and heavy bodied not at all slender.  The attack was a straight line shot from a street light roost on a bird sitting on the shorter parking lot light post.  It seems to me that the attack was launched from a perch about a block away.  The target flew off and there was no chase, the attacker just returned to its previous roost.  I could not get over into the turn lane and go into the parking lot to get a closer look.  The main flock of pigeons didn't actually seem to notice, and there were even some stragglers. Is it possible that goshawks are starting to come into the city in the winter?  From a goshawk I would have expected a chase.  There are certainly plenty of pigeons, and the local falcons have gone south...  I know they are supposed to avoid human concentrations, but then so are loons and they are now common city residents and rest here when passing through in the spring.  We are getting all kinds of wild life in the Cities these days and not all of it goes around just on two legs.
    • I'm soon to be 40, still have never had a REAL super bowl party!   I will sit and hope.   Besides, at 7:11 last Sunday I pulled something in my neck/shoulder.  Might be a hole in my sister and brother in laws garage ceiling.
    • Lol. Dad and I were talking about this after the game last weekend after I had to tell him over and over that I have not been alive when the vikes have ever played a Super Bowl. You old timers can believe in what you want, but us Gen-X kids are saying SKOL!
    •   I'm sure if I had the time I could have spent 10 more minutes and made a nice one out of Oak or Cherry wood! Or found a blue Genz box on C/list and been done with it!
    •   You didn't try to call me, I would have given you some old oak boards I have laying around and let you use a few of my basic woodworking tools like a jig saw, an oscillating drum sander and a router with a round over bit.    I always tell my son, if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right.  
    • Ooof, that sucks.  Been there, done that.  Somebody’s still being affected by our day in the soup at temps like that.  Woulda given the world for a few studs in the snowmobile track!
    • Got a set of old new stock mora 10in blades to put it on, and drilled  5 holes in 18-20in of ice no problem with the Milwaukee 1200in/lb-clam plate-mora 10in. Didn't skip or jump. This is gonna be nice for the wheel house.    When I had the HT Polar Fire shaver/chipper blades the drill would cut out because they were to agressive.    So so if anyone comes across some mora 10in shaver blades or 10in shaver blades in general let me know.
    • Sorry to be the guy that quotes himself but more info is needed.  Otherwise, yeah, might as well apply for A season if it’s just a general hunt.  And hope the weather cooperates.  
    • It was 31 below zero when i found  this slush .This is only time I got stuck it was about 2 feet of slush .  I had to jack it out of the water and let it sit for a day half.  I had to hook  3 widetracks together to get it out. 
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