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  1. I have been using an Assault for a few years now and love it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone, but I've never used the Alpha either. I pack in my stand almost every sit to stay mobile and some public land requires it. The weight is good and like wanderer said it can fit into some small spots which is nice so you don't have to do much trimming. The platform is small, but I have never felt like I needed more space even on all day sits which I do often. The only thing I will mention with the size of the platform is it helps to think about where the deer will be coming
  2. I'm just a bow hunter, and I suppose I'm one of those "antler mongers" since I support APR in the right areas, but just as an FYI APR does not apply to youth hunters(10-17 years old). Its right in the regs on page 73, so that should not weigh into anyone's opinion of APR. Don't get me wrong it's definitely not right for the entire state. MN is way to diverse to have a regulation like that applied everywhere, but I think it has done great things in the area I hunt in SE MN. Now I will bow back out so you can talk gun hunting!
  3. It's that time of year again! I have two other bucks on camera and jumped one while walking into the camera all with one side missing.
  4. Assuming you are hunting MN, the regs aren't super clear about quartering, but if you read them it sounds like quartering is fine as long as the deer is registered first. If you don't have cell service to accomplish that before you quarter you need to keep the head attached to one of the quarters. You could still get it done it might just make for an awkward load on your back. I would also recommend a good pack for doing this, or your going to kill your back and shoulders. I run a Mystery Ranch and have had about 90-100lbs in it many times while training and hunting. That should mean even
  5. I am headed to Montana for a DIY muley whitetail combo archery hunt with my dad and brother the week before archery opener here. I will get back just in time for a long fall of chasing deer in SE MN. Some very nice prospects have me pretty excited all ready!
  6. It's actually just the opposite. I know the top one was young/immature, about 3, per tooth aging. I'm no pro at that, but I did have history with that one to back it up. The bottom head is a mystery deer I found while fishing on the St. Croix. I would guess its older just because of the skull size difference. They did come from different areas, but similar. They were both found in areas with a lot of AG and timber to hide out in. There may not be any significance to the differences, I just thought it was odd.
  7. The views are tough to beat when sitting on the river bluffs! I have already decided if I get one, and it heads over that edge, I will be canoeing in to get it out. That's a huge bonus to this spot. I hunt some nasty valleys that don't have that option, and I dread the day one goes down hill and I have to use my winch to get one out. I'll remember to blur the background next time Wanderer!
  8. Figured I would start the 2017 season off. I pulled 3 cards this weekend to confirm my problem cameras were working with the new SD cards, they are! Here is one of the better deer from a new property I will be hunting in the fall, but obviously its still pretty early to know exactly what he will turn into. I know of a few other good ones that made it through winter. Hopefully I can track them down over the next few months. Stay tuned!
  9. Here is the dead head from this year all cleaned off before bleaching. When I set it down next to the dead head from last year I noticed a significant difference in the number of holes in the skull right next to the eye sockets. Does anyone have any idea why this would be? I'm just curious... thought it was a little odd.
  10. It's always nice to find something after many miles traveled, but I never like finding dead heads.
  11. I'm not a ton of help on the outfitter side of things, but I took of advantage of the readily available MT tags this year to join my brother and dad for a DIY hunt. I'm still waiting for results from the draw, but it sounds like odds are pretty good this year! If your interested in doing it on your own on public land my best advice would be to find an area with large areas of public land without roads, or at least minimal roads. At that point get in the best shape possible, and be willing to hike a long ways once you get there. When we went to WY a few years ago this was the strategy, and
  12. Well I thought I would give an update... I ended up finding that Mystery Ranch had the Crew Cab in large with the older frame(NICE frame) on clearance. A little more than I wanted to spend, but now that I have it I couldn't be happier! I have put on just shy of 20 miles in the last few days with it loaded up with a 40 pound bag of water softner salt, and the pack feels great. Every pack I tried on the cheaper end was very uncomfortable for me when loaded, because they just couldn't be fitted to my fairly wide frame. Sure the pack is a little on the heavy side, but when you alre
  13. I shoot the 7 pin IQ micro on my Hoyt and it is a nice sight for sure. I don't know if the money you will spend on it will be worth it if you aren't trying to make considerably longer shots than 32 yards. I personally think for tight quarters a single pin would be easiest. You could probably shoot 30 yards without moving the pin depending on your setup. A few pros -The "IQ bubble"(I find myself only useing it when making 40+ yard shots) -Easily adjusting all the pins at once to accommodate different tips. -Very bright pins in low light The only real co
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