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  1. Yep, they are all largemouth except the top one. I am headed up to Orr at the end of the month and I know a lot of the lakes up there have tons of bass, they just happen to have a lot of smaller ones. I hope to figure some thing else out that may lead to less bass, but bigger ones.
  2. I get tired of hearing about this [PoorWordUsage]. One of these days some kid or adult is going to get caught and pay a big price. I suspect even if evening news that some vandal ended up in the river and missing, it still wouldn't deer jackbags like that. I don't understand it. I am no Saint. I vandalized things as a kid being stupid, but never anyone's property.
  3. I don't know wanderingeyes, that's a pretty sweet picture if you ask me I like the ones that are a little unconventional. But I am sure it would also have been nice to have also gotten a full body shot too.
  4. I agree that is true in a lot of cases, but that's different than someone saying they don't reproduce at all. The females may not produce as many eggs or healthy eggs as when they were younger, but those eggs and their genes are a lot more valuable and proven. If they produce less young and those young have less of a chance of reaching adulthood because of numbers, that is still better than no chance at all.
  5. I don't think you can apply selective harvest to flatheads. It works well with plentiful species where the younger generations have very high populations. But no matter what age group you are talking about for flatheads, the numbers just aren't there where selective harvest will do anything but remove another potential 40# fish. Quote:I've heard some claim that big fish are past the spawning age, so throwing them back doesn't help the fishery at all from a biological point of view.Not sure what they are smoking, but there is no spawning age limit in fish. I don't know of any species of fish that loses its ability to reproduce at any point in life and no one has studied flathead reproduction (if it has ever been) enough to make this assumption. Most of the time you see a picture of a freakishly large trophy fish, any species, it is engorged with spawn.
  6. I learned my lesson from stonecats one year. I thought I stumbled upon some baby flathead in the riffles. Ouch! I still believe bullheads have venom and will until a biologist tells me otherwise. Maybe we should talk to Joel? I thought I read somewhere that the juveniles do have a very small amount, but the adults don't? Nothing worse than being stung on the knuckles, venom or no venom.
  7. Playing Devil's advocate, I'd hope that they would use more than one method to test intelligence. It should be a combination of tests, after all, IQs aren't just measured - by grammer tests. That being said, I don't doubt the rankings one bit. People think carp are dumb, but last year or the year before I saw first hand how smart they were. I found a bunch of them in a shallow area that was fairly clear where a little run off was coming in. First of all I had to be pretty stealthy with them all gathered at the inflow. It only took a couple of casts to get one to take my Gulp. After I caught that one, they all came back and not one showed even a hint of interest, even though they all seemed interested before that first one was caught. Now don't be posting a link to the carp forum for me Darren Fish like bass and pike are more tenacious than cunning and that is why they are still around today. If they weren't aggressive, they'd have died off along time ago not having smarts to fall back on. I almost want to stick my neck out and say that is my the majority of cats are caught using livebait or cutbait. They just don't fall for every shiny, wobbly thing that passes by them. Oh that new auto ad feature in the text is rich. :coffee:
  8. mplspug

    big creek chubs

    It's not the metro, but Jerry's in Mora has them and he sells them as river minnows or river bait. Since I don't have a spot to catch them, I always want to bring some home, but the pike never leave me any left overs when I use them.
  9. No bullies for me this year. I am combining 2 of the articles and fishing a Reef Runner/Lazy Ike on a drop shot. Those baits should kick more than a live bully, no? Oh yeah, and I am wrapping the lure with some sucker fillets.
  10. mplspug


    I've seen a lot of them lately, especially when walking the dogs. Brave little birds, they are. Nice picts, by the way.
  11. I didn't know cardinals ate meal worms. I'll have to put dsome out now for my resident pair.
  12. I love those big channel's with their knotted up heads. Keep'em coming.
  13. I'll meet you at the landing Phil and we can make a determination on the conditions together.
  14. The Ruby Crown Kinglets have been migrating through my yard for a week or so now here in Richfield. Just noticed the White Throated sparrows too.
  15. So I am not the only one who talks to the chickadees? I've also been known to talk to Juncos, Cardinals, Mourning Doves and Finches. The mourning doves seem to be the easiest to talk to. A couple of coos and they come flying in to check out what is going on in my yard.
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