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  1. jeffreyd

    Dog proof grass seed??????

    the only thing i can think of is astroturf. i have 2 110 lb labs and my yard is gone even after sodding and hydromulch. i gave up. i will put in grass if i decide to ever move.
  2. jeffreyd

    eastern Montana - rattlesnakes and dogs?

    my vet offers the snake bite vaccine here in the middle of phoenix. because we have invaded the desert, put homes up where the rattlers hung out, they come back. this year is not as bad as last year. I would call your vet and look into the vaccine. I know that we do have tick issues here and if my big lab is treated with any of the frontline etc, he gets sick. So we rarely do it, but check him daily if he has been outside. Have a great hunt, be safe.
  3. jeffreyd

    Too soon?

    we had a new ice machine delivered today, that is about as good as i can give you from AZ
  4. jeffreyd

    weird bump/bubble on dog

    When my lab had his knee done, i made a pair of pants for him so he would not lick the area, keep it cleaner and did not have to wear the "lick the bus window cone to bed. Took a pair of stretchy pants from my wife cut the leg off cut holes on both sides and ran a suspender over his back. worked great, had both knees down did the same with the other one. Good luck.
  5. lets see we eat or they eat, or we eat them and each other. pretty simple
  6. jeffreyd

    Look at these toe nails.

    that would leave a mark for sure
  7. jeffreyd

    Conventional to synthetic oil question

    sorry i offended you raymond, next time i wont answer
  8. jeffreyd

    Need some last minute advice / Majestic Oaks Kennel

    nic tried to send you a pm but you are over limit. i have a dog that was from bemdji and is a great lab. let me know when i can pm you
  9. jeffreyd

    Well I Got The Tag, Now I Need The Gear!

    if you look at the web site coueswhitetail they have some good stuff on there. I know the chick that runs it and is a deer biologist here in az. She hunts all over the us and they have some great stories and pictures on there. Good luck.
  10. jeffreyd

    Pilonidel Cyst Post Surgery

    I can say that i have not had that one done but did have a cyst on the right side of the taint. You know the spot. Doc split my cheek to cheek 4 inches up on each side plus the taint. Now that will keep you on you belly for a long time. Out patient surgery, all the instrcutions were when it starts to hurt have wife pull out packing. We ended up with a garbage bag full. It was like a whole new feeling, but due to the heat it did nto heal correctly. So he took two sticks of basically silver solder touched them togeter and sealed it up. had that done twice. Iwas on the vicoden for a while then perch them the 800. Sitting in the hot bath helped a lot. what a night mare and would not wish it on my worse enemy.
  11. jeffreyd

    Said goodbye to my baby this morning

    Brought a tear to my eye as my Lobo will be 5 on the 4th of july. Hopefully we get 13 yrs out of him, He lays at my feet or at least within an eyeshot. On my foot now. No words can ever ease the pain, know all of us are saying an extra prayer tonight.
  12. jeffreyd

    weird bump/bubble on dog

    How about putting some ice on it to bring it down? Is it from a tick or insect bite if you can tell? Lots of questions but a trip to the vet may be in order. I took out health insurance on both my labs for just such issues. Good luck.
  13. jeffreyd

    Sprinkler Systems

    i used a trencher to bury mine at 18 inches even here in the desert. we do have abotu 3 weeks a year where night time temps will get into the teens. not sure how deep you all have to go but would think if you could blow air into it to drain in the winter you would be alright.
  14. what about just buying a code reader and fixing it yourself. As described above, a tech can diagnose a large leak with a reader, it won't say fix the cap but most of us know by now that is one for the first places to look for. My son has an 06 mazda that had a large leak in the emissions system. He took it to 2 techs could not figure out the issue. I used my 30 dollar scanner to find the code, do a bit of research myself and replaced the cap. Problem solved. Not taking anything away from the mechanics as i am a retired one but advances in technology have scared most people to try things on their own. Good luck
  15. jeffreyd

    Sprinkler Systems

    could go with a water conservation set up and put it all in colored gravel to make it look like grass. That is the desert method here in Phoenix. Or astroturf. Good luck, i love the lay out of the property. I did my own here in AZ in 3/4 pvc pipe but since you have freezing issues that probably is not doable. Good luck.