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Replacing tip[ sections - cost?


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Stopped by Thorne Bros last week. Had three butt sections from highend graphite two-piece rods that had the tips broken into nonfixable pieces. Thinking they might have some leftover tips/ice rod blanks/etc laying around, I inquired about replacement tips. Not too much material on hand to fashion a new tip section - only one was able to be procured. This three foot piece of unsanded graphite blank fit, and although it was a different color than the Fenwick HMG brown, I said I'll take it.

Cost? $10 for a single piece. $10! I looked a bit flustered, and was told this is what they had to charge - this is what they paid for it. Guess I didn't have much to fall back on, so I paid the price and off I went.

I am troubled - I can buy similarly-sized, same quality graphite rod pieces here in Duluth for 2.50 a pice - maybe more on occasion. $10? Never, ever. Heck Elsie or Jim Kueten would give me the pieces I need for free sometimes. Scott out at Fisherman's Corner has them for maybe $5. Bad news for me is that there's nothing that would fit in the store at this time.

I'll keep buying up here - was disappointed with Thorne Bros, and although they make a nice rod, they sure do charge alot. Even for small pieces.

PS - I've been building rods for about 25 years now, and have been around the block a time or two on rod blanks and prices, factory, 2nd's, or blems.

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What comes to my minds is where are the different stores getting their product, what are they selling and are the blems, 1sts, high modulus, etc. I can find junk on the web pretty cheap, you want something a little higher quality, you are gonna pay a bit more for it.

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