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The Little King

What to use for bait this weekend on LOTW

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Shiners are good, small to medium sized. Emerald shiners if you can find them. I also pick up a scoop of fatheads incase those are producing. Also, you can use the heads from the fatheads for jigging spoons too. A scoop of crappie minnows might not be a bad idea either. And then you have your maggots and Bio-Bait. You never know what the fish prefer, and its best to be prepared.

Good Fishin,
Matt Johnson

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Fatheads, Emerald shiners, Berkley Gulp or Powerbait Shiners and some Power Maggots. Only had to use maggots once but the Perch Love them on small spoons. As Matt said sometimes the eyes are finicky and want it small. Then the small fatheads and Crappie Minnows work well. Usually if they are that inactive you can still get them with a real small jig and a plastic body and head. A SLOW drop is the ticket at times.

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Stop at fred's bait in Deer River on Hwy 2. Get Perch Minnows. You get anything from crappie minnow sized to small medium fathead. They have produced the best next to small river shiners.

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Emerald shiners were the ticket for us this past weekend. We didn't catch much on Fats. You just have to try it out and see what they are preferring at the time. Sometimes it doesn't matter though. We had to keep our presentation small, but the larger emeralds did good though too. The small bright colored crappie jigs did the best (orange, pink, glow white). We got our shiners at the Angler's Pro Shop on Hwy 11 just before you come into Baudette. They looked really good. We ran out after Friday so we went down to Dana's store and picked up another couple scoops. His wholesaler ran out and had to buy them from someone else so they were a bit on the spendy side ($5.49/scoop). But you gotta pay the price I guess unless I wanted to drive all the way back into town at the last minute. An extra $1.00 a scoop was worth saving the 15 minutes there and back though.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Yep, it was good again.
    • Do they all have the same issues?  If they do, then probably not the roku, although rebooting them by unplugging the power for a minute or so might be worth a try, if you haven't already done so. 
    • I do not have a Chromecast.  I will try the Comcast fix first then work my way to the hardware.  I have two roku streaming stick + and one roku streaming stick.
    • I have my Garmin Astro 360 that works well enough along with dog tracking.   I have used my smart phone on a large loop walk through private and tax forfeited land.   The accuracy was pretty darn good.   Superimpose over satellite imagery on a generic mapping program and you can see right where you are and set course around areas you want to avoid.   Battery drain is pretty strong.   I also prefer to keep my eyes up and gain sight knowledge of an area so that future use of electronics becomes a back up and not a crutch.
    • Is fishing Cenaiko worth doing in late June and July? I’ve never really trout fished before and I want to give it a try. If it’s worth fishing, how would you fish the lake? I have an ultralight setup with #1 and #0 Mepps spinners but I have a feeling that wouldn’t work well trying to pull Trout out of a lake. Any tips? 
    • This evening I will reset the live trap.   So far my peanut dough blocks from Menards have only been lasting a day or two, thanks to midnight ramblers....   Score so far is two racoons and a possum.   I wonder what morning will bring... if it stops raining.   
    • I fish a big reservoir that goes as deep as 140 I believe and we do a bit of trolling over the deep parts of the lake.  In fact at night you can troll and your graph will be littered with fish in the 20-50ft range starting over 70ft of water but if you go to 60ft depth range your graph will be empty. Once the deep darkness of night falls those same fish will show 30-70ft deep on the graph suspending over 140ft of water.   We seem to mostly catch walleyes out of this group of fish and rarely catch anything else.
    • These feeders are only partially blackbird proof, as they can still poke their heads in and peck at the food a little bit. I don’t use the suet one much, because only downy woodpeckers can fit in there. 
    • This feeder is blackbird proof for the sole purpose that only woodpeckers and nuthatches can eat upside down. I purposely angle it this way so it’s easier for the pileated woodpeckers to hang on.
    • It only takes about 5 Mb/s to stream a HD movie.   I'm guessing you have some sort of interference going on.   Inadequate BW shows up as buffering....   Or the Roku is going bad.   I have had a couple of them do that, including a roku stick.      My money is on roku device being bad.   If you have a chromecast, does that work better?   
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