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Boom or Bust!


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I added a couple of low buck combo's to my arsenal today.

I think they are good combo’s, but time will tell. I went out today, thinking of spending $150 per combo and getting two. I know to some $150 is still a low buck combo, to me it is a middle ground. I spent on average about $80-$90 on these combo’s (including line). It is funny, when I get into these Big Box stores, I cheapen up. Instead of going to the counter and pointing to what I want, I run around the store and wheel and deal.

Again, we will see if I made a mistake or not. I still plan on buying a high dollar combo in the next couple of weeks. It might even say my name on the rod.

Well, here we go:






I know the Penn 9 is a littler reel for the King Kat, but it should work well. I tipped the new rods with 80lb PP "High Vis".

I am sure my high dollar set up with include an Abu of sorts and one of those rod's that you get your name on, but we will see. I figure I have been a spinner dude for a long time and now I am a casting dude. I would like to add another cheaper combo as a fourth go to.

1)flat river rig, brade snell

2)flat river rig, mono snell.

3)Flat float rig, brade to hook

4)flat/channel lighter river rig.

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I figure as such (Thanks Dtro), but untill I dip a line in the water, it is up in the air.

Crazy sold me on the King Kat rod (not returning it) and others have said good things about the Woop'in stick. The reel's are my suspect though. They should work just fine.

I found out what you sepnt on your #1 reel today. That Abu is a spendy reel.

I asked about a blue Abu today, but they showed my a $160.00 reel grin.gif.

I think I might head to Moore's for my next reel ;\) ...

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I will agree with the King kat. It was the first cat rod I purchased a few years back and has battled 55" sturgeon and also did battle with a 40# flattie. The rod works very well.

I have other more expensive rods but this KK is a good rod.

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