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1991 Chevy Beretta pros/cons

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Looking at buying a car that will get better than 12mpg that I get with my pickup. I found a '91 beretta with 200k on it for $500. It has the 3.1 V6 and 3 speed auto transmission. Just wondering what I can expect for mileage with this thing and if these cars have any notorious problems. Let me know what ya think. Thanks

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You should average mid 20's MPG.

I just picked up a '92 Lumina today (105k) to replace a '97 Monte Carlo (220k). Oil restriction problem probably not the car's fault. Waiting to see what the Lumina will come in at.

If the car made 200K, it hasn't been a lemon. And for $500, runs, drives O.K.? Worth a shot in my opinion. Around here you can scrap a car like that for $200+, so if it comes down to that, you're not out much.

Generally good basic transportation but the 3.1 can crack an oil line in the lifters. If this happens, you'll find oil in the coolant when you look in the radiator. Otherwise, its a safe bet. A little lifter noise at start up is common.

I worked in an engine shop for 17 years and have had these types of cars around for awhile. They're not fancy, but reliable if taken care of.

Good luck!

P.S. Do the C/V joints click when you turn the wheel sharp while moving? Are the boots cracked? You need to check that.

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I didn't think there was any of those left on the road? \:o

Not worth it! You'll have to trust me on this one.

If you want a really good reliable transportation with good gas mileage and fun to drive get a Saturn S series (I prefer 96 or newer models) with a DOHC. I am on #2 and have never regretting owning either one. Very simple to work on and very reliable! Keep them full of oil and coolant and they'll run forever.

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