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Permit to purchase a handgun question


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I grew up gopher hunting with my father and his pistol, and in the past when I went to gun ranges with my rifles, friends of mine would bring their handguns along and they allowed me to use them.

I have always enjoyed shooting a hand gun, but never got around to buying one before all the processes to purchase a hand gun were put into place.

I recently downloaded all the forms off the wright county HSOforum in regards to applying for a hand gun purchase permit and began to fill them out tonight. One part on the form asks for the information of the "seller" and I haven't narrowed down what I'd like to buy or where I'd buy it just yet.

Someone told me that the permit is good for a year and I was wondering if someone could apply for the permit with the intentions that they'd be likely to purchase a hand gun this year (probably this spring/summer) or does this process need to be started/filled out only after a hand gun has been located? I am still unsure of exactly what I'd like to purchase but I do have fond memories of shooting my father's Ruger "Single Six" 22 pistol and that may be one I try to purchase to be able to take my dad to the range and be able to shoot side by side.

I could probably give the wright county sheriff's department a call however I thought I might post the question here first.



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First off, are you in the country or in a city?

The city usualy handles the Permit to Purchace(PTP), the county would deal wit the Consealed Carry Permits(CCP)or(CCW).

The PTP is good for a year and you can get it at any time, you don't need to have a handgun or assualt weapon in mind at all.

You can also fill out the PTP at the time of sale but you have to wait 5 or 10 days to take delivery with out the PTP in hand.

A CCW permit is good for 5 years and is covers the PTP as well for 5 years.

You have to take a CCW coarse and then go pay the County $100 for the permit but your good for 5 years and you can carry the handgun on your person loaded to the range.

I understand you may not be intrested in carring a weapon,just thought I would show you an option as well.

I would call the shariff and ask them who you need to see to aply for the PTP and then go there and get it before you even get ready to buy the gun.

You can also buy a used gun from a MN resedent with out a permit.


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You have to apply for one if you buy certain long guns too, I know the last AR-15 I had to get it, but I didn't recall specify which gun was it for.

After 3 days I had it in the mail from the Sheriff Office.

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Thanks for the advice, I live in Monticello so we don't have a police force. (it's farmed out to the sheriff's department of Wright County) I'll give them a call.

So, a MN resident can legally purchase a used firearm from a private party?

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Yes you can, but, there was a thread a while ago to warn of possible liabilities arising.

I know, it's a pain, but nowadays everything has to be "lawsuit proof".

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Permit to purchase: I think when I had one I filled in the most likely place I would purchase the handgun from, that way the permit was on file with my local LE (city or county), and I was good to go.

I purchased a few handguns that year and they were not from the same store.

If you are purchasing a firearm from a private party, I would get a receipt with model, serial #, etc. They may (should) ask to see your permit to purchase or carry permit.

FYI: The MN law, although commonly refered to as "conceal and carry" is a carry law. The permit will read, "MN Permit to carry a pistol". Check the MN department of public safety HSOforum for more info.

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There are a couple of different laws you have to look at to figure this out.

One is Minnesota Statute §624.7131. That statute says that you need a Transferee Permit to buy either a pistol or a semi-automatic style assault weapon (SAMSAW). You obtain the permit from your local law enforcement agency, which for you is the local sheriff. This process can take up to 7 days for the police to process it. Once you have this permit you can purchase a pistol or SAMSAW anyplace in the state.

The second is Minnesota Statute §624.7132, which requires that you report a transfer of a pistol or a SAMSAW to the local police. Both the seller and the buyer have to compelte that report. It is illegal for the seller to deliver the gun to the buyer until the police have had time to do a background check and give the OK, or 5 days after the report is filed. If the buyer has a Transfer Permit as noted above then the report of transfer doesn't need to be filed.

This process does not need to be followed if the deal is between two private parties. But then the seller has to obtain ID info on the buyer and it has to be based on a photo ID issued by the government. e.g. a DL.

It is a gross misdemeanor to violate these laws and can be a felony if the buyer is under age or is known by the seller to be prohibited from possessing a pistol or SAMSAW.

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