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  1. Valv

    Shark fishing on opener ?

    I've been thinking of you Minnesotans during opener this year. I decided to do some shark fishing in warmer waters. It worked.....somehow Stay warm and catch fish !!
  2. Valv

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy BDay !!
  3. Too late now, everybody. It's in the divorce settlement. Thank you for your interest
  4. Auger has not been used in 3 years, 6" blade. Portable shelter is missing the frame creossmember, probably a $ 20 repair. Auger $ 90 shelter $ 50
  5. Lowrance HDS 8 gen. 1 for sale. Includes transom transduce, and original box docs, etc. Bought last march, need to sell due to divorce. $ 850 obo PM me for more info