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Supplements for dogs


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Just curious if any of you dog owners or breeders give supplements to your dogs. I have been told by one breeder to use a line of products from Springtime Inc. They have a few products called: Longevity (Anti-inflammatory, hip and joint health, high chlorophyll, whole food antioxidants and immune stimulants, etc), Fresh Factors (same ingredients as longevity, but helps with digestion) Bug off garlic (tick, flea and fly repellant). The ingredients in the longevity are: Bee Pollen, Spirulina (micro-algae), yeast culture, ascorbic acid, Hesperidin, Kelp, Biotin. There are several others, but these are the ingredients with the most per serving. Bug off garlic ingredients: Garlic granules, yeast cultures, beef or pork liver.

I am just curious what or if any you guys give to your dogs. Also any opinions/results on supplements such as these are appreciated.

I don't mean to start a negative post, just really looking for information.


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I can't say I have ever heard of any of those names or ingredients. I would do some research before buying any of those just to see what actual studies show. If your going to do supplements a good fish oil with a proper Omega6:Omega 3 ratio is beneficial for your dogs, along with a good Glucosamine Chondroitin for pups/adults and Glucosamine MSM for adults. One name brand Glucosamine you could look at is Dasuquin (Cosequin), I know multiple Vets that recommend it....especially if your dog has joint issues.

I feed both fish oil and Glucosamine/MSM/Vit C supplements.

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Fish oils offer many benefits to the overall life of the dog (and humans). I would recommend searching online for this info and/or discussing with your vet. Glucosamine is helpful for the dogs joints (in a preventative sense), and especially if you know your dog has joint issues.

For fish oils, you would want one that is molecular distiled or pharmaceutical grade. From what I have been told it should have a 2:1 ratio for EPA:DHA, and should include Vit E. There are specific reasons behind this.

The fish oil I use is Nurti-west Complete Omega-3 Essentials. It's about $30 for 60 capsules....at least where I get it.

As far as Glucosamine you could go with Dasuquin which has been studied (and vets will offer). Otherwise you could email me at and I could tell you the source I use for my Glucosamine/MSM/Vit C.

FYI...I am not a vet. I am just passing along the info I am aware of from speaking with some vets, surgeons, and a few involved in canine nutrition. A surgeon at the U of MN originally recommended I give the dog fish oil and Glucosamine, and I was already doing that at the time he mentioned it. My dog has multiple joint issues.

Also....all supplements are NOT created equal.

zach***ej1 at homail (D0T) com [remove the ***]

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