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Donate Lures


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After attending the lure swap after the Expo it became obvious that many, many others have just as many (or more) good lures they are willing to part with as we do! That being said, we were able to swap a few things for baits my son wanted, so that was good. But now we have many of our older baits, and some brand new ones, that we just don't use anymore and probably won't, but might be great for someone just starting out. I'm looking for an outlet to get these in the hands of some deserving folks who could. My thoughts are either to give them to the Operation Musky event for the vets to use and keep who may not already have stuff, or to some kids' group, or something of that nature. Anybody have some good ideas?

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I like your thoughts. It was good to unlaod a couple "homemade junkers" on you and your son at Decoys!! \:\) I missed you at the show. I bumped into Larry and he had seen you earlier but I got there late on Saturday.

I actually I agree on donating lures. I'm going to help a guy I work with get going and set him up with a $50 start-up kit. That said, my father-in-law and I have talked about all the extra stuff we have - not just musky but bass and walleye stuff as well.

I'm going to send an email the the KFAN outdoors guys. They always do a tournament for under priviledged kids, maybe they'll have some ideas.


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I think it's a great idea. I have plenty of baits that probably wouldn't sell, because like you said we all have most of what we want, but are in great shape and could be used by someone who couldn't afford it.

And in response to the locked musky thread on the Metro eater:

Short of taking this guy fishing and showing him what it's about, talking about guys like that is useless. Education works on people who have yet to experience the thrill, who have yet to make up their minds. I feel the same things as you do when I hear something like that. Work to get people involved who are new to the sport. Don't waste your time and energy on those who are already hellbent on destroying the resource.

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