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  1. 50inchpig

    Bait Options for Flats on the Mississippi vs the MN

    I always have cut bait out all year long and probably 7 out of my 10 biggest flatheads have come on it. very true that some nights they seem to show a preference for whatever reason, but if you're not fishing cut bait you're probably missing fish. suckers and chubs are great but cut sheepshead works pretty well too and it's easy to catch. I like the smaller ones, easier to cut up. you'll have better success if you clean up your bait chunks a little bit, like cutting off fins. you can use the head as one piece. you don't need a huge chunk for a big fish. fresh is great as noted but they'll eat it even after it's been sitting there for a couple hours. ended up with two nice ones the other night on cut sheepshead, one of them only had one eye
  2. 50inchpig

    Muskie lakes near Cokato??

    Howard lake is loaded with them - big ones too
  3. 50inchpig

    54" Statewide Min

    obviously the shoepac strain lakes don't grow big fish, hence the provision to leave a handful of lakes at 48". everyone knows that. well, almost everyone. not sure why basing regulations on scientific fact is such a hard concept for the mdaa to grasp. actually that's not true either. I know why.
  4. 50inchpig

    54" Statewide Min

    i expected the normal talk and propaganda from the usual suspects and if any of us have learned anything the last few years it's that pouting and whining online doesn't change anything. you have some really great ideas, merk, now that the 1% doesn't have a legislative monopoly anymore. you can't split the pot once you've overplayed your hand though. good still to see others coming around and starting to get it. fish grow a lot slower than the number of people fishing for them. the only misinformation in the pile that deserves a serious reply is this: absolutely not true. most lakes do, have and will. fact.
  5. 50inchpig

    Help me pick a versatile rod

    Can't agree more on the Gander Rod as stated above for exactly the same reasons. Rod loads great, it's a slightly slower action than a lot of the graphite rods out there which can be a little bouncy.
  6. try cut suckers if you want to catch larger channels. cut sheepshead will work too, plus you might hook into a flathead if you're lucky.
  7. 50inchpig

    How to catch Pike alll winter long

    Sounds like I'll have to work on my winter casting technique
  8. Jameson, ever think about sticking to the bowfishing/spearing forum, where you actually ARE welcome?
  9. 50inchpig

    Injured Lab - no balance

    I have two labs who are my best friends and I've been following this thread since I saw it and I really, really hope that your dog pulls through. Thanks for the updates and God bless.
  10. 50inchpig

    My yearly Rant

    It's been proven that a friend in congress can get more done (or undone) in two weeks than any amount of emails, any amount of public interest/support, any advice or recommendation from the DNR or years of planning and scientific study. It's not right, but that's how it is.
  11. 50inchpig

    When to start suckers?

    it's more than several if you treat them well you can run them now. must have oxygen on them, be careful of water temperature shock from the baitstore water to your tank or lake. pre-turnover, while fish are still scattered out, casting will still be your best bet, the sucker bite doesn't seem to really get going until post-turnover, but this year it's been hard to wait.
  12. 50inchpig

    George Wahl Tourney for Metro Stocking September 28

    Winner caught 3 on Tonka, 43, 43 and 40, I think. 2nd Place was a 50" and 44" from Tonka, 3rd was another double on Tonka, and 4th I think was a double on Forest. Single fish took 5th - 10th if I remember right. Tonka, WBL, and Forest were the top 10 place lakes. Fish were caught both before and after the big wind changes, shallow and deep. Big fish was 52.5" on Waconia, guy said his previous PB was a small one so good for him on a huge fish. Top 10 place patterns ranged in depth and baits but blades were tops, all different kinds. We caught 3 fish on Tonka, all after the wind change, but it was 1 each for 3 guys in the boat and two of us finished just out of the top 10, couldn't double up, and one of the 3 fish was a 39.5". Fish seemed pretty jacked up once you found them, all our action was boatside. Saw fish both shallow and deep but the eaters came off the deep edge. Weather on the water was wicked, lots of people hunkered down for 20 minutes when that west wind first started blowing, wet feet all day too but it was worth it. Fun time and I'm definitely in again next year.
  13. 50inchpig

    George Wahl Tourney for Metro Stocking September 28

    not sure where we are fishing yet but we'll be there, should be a fun time
  14. anybody catch fish yesterday afternoon or evening after the weather rolled in? sure looked good but we didn't see a thing. south winds are never that good for us in the east metro. fish had to be chomping somewhere though.
  15. 50inchpig


    Nobody is qualified to safely release fish in 80 degree water. You can't ever control how the fish eats or how long it'll take you to unhook.