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  1. O.T.C I like your idea. We've done it on the water a few times. Set decoys on one side of a slough and then go to the other side. While growing up, all the old guys we hunted with were diver guys. They called all puddle ducks screw ducks since they screw around and around before committing to decoys. Haven't had the guys to try it in the field yet. May have to give it a shot this weekend. thanks
  2. HugoBox

    Halfway Point

    Was talking to a buddy last night and while the outlook isn't real good and the reports from up north and out west aren't real good, we are both in the camp that any day they could show up. Last year I waited for them and hunted right until ice up - literally watched the lake freeze. Missed one afternoon where another buddy filled out. timing is everything. Only think in our favor this year is that if they do show up we may get more than a morning or afternoon to whack 'em.
  3. I've repainted decoys with varying degrees of success but last winter decided to take care of an ugly boat. Before and after.
  4. Hello I hope you saw my PM back. Maybe we can put something together next weekend (already booked this weekend). Let's just hope the ducks start to move!! erik
  5. Siwulat - Dumb (or maybe not so dumb) I'm fine taking new guys out but have you gone through firearms safety training? Besides waterfowling what is your hunting background? Not trying to put you on the spot but hunting is a bit different that fishing when it comes to taking someone out you don't really know. For me safety is hands down THE MOST IMPORTANT part of hunting. Then seeing birds (if they aint in the air they can't come into your blocks). Finally shooting something here are there helps make the effort worth while. I pretty much just hunt the metro from here on out so I wouldn't expect any great shoots but we've done okay a few times late in the season. Not sure what your availability is but I'm booked up this weekend. November is fairly open. As far as experience I've hunted pretty much every huntable weekend since 1991 with a few exceptions when I was chasing muskies. I can guarantee I'm safe and can surely give you some advice on what NOT to do as I've made tons of mistakes during my time in the blind. PM if you want to hook up. Erik
  6. HugoBox

    Float Tube

    I'm the brother that coulda croaked. Easy to look back now and think how silly it was that I didn't simply close the valve. That said, it was late October and the water in northern MN was VERY cold. As soon as the tube went flat my waders filled up. At that point I tied my cuffs (as well as I could) through the straps on the decoy bag and dog paddled to shore. Honestly the main reason I tied my sleeves up was because I was pretty sure I was going to drown in the cold water so I figured if I was attached to something it would be easier for them to find my body. Sounds dramatic but it was very cold an I knew the water was at least 6-8 feet deep. Its a very helpless feeling when you tell you body to do things like breathe slow and kick your legs but it doesn't exactly cooperate. It was maybe a 200 yard swim but felt like 2 miles. Cold water does very strange things to you. Never felt better than when I got to shore. I think a bit of hypothermia started in though because it took my buddy a while to get me calmed down. After that happened I gave the tube away (even though it really wasn't "broken" and I WILL NOT get into any watercraft hunting without a PFD (if I were smarter I wouldn't fish without one either). Also, when I pick up decoys I put them right into a bag (even in a big boat) - two benefits there are that its less of a mess later and if there is a problem you have on extra thing to hold onto that floats. The suggestion above about a "safety Line" is very smart. Okay, sermon over... Good luck!
  7. HugoBox

    Help with a 40 HP Rude VRO

    Thanks guys. It does turn when we tried a rope. I'm assuming selenoid but not sure. hard to know for sure though. We tried jumping the selenoid but I may have not gotten the best connection. Thanks again.
  8. HugoBox

    Help with a 40 HP Rude VRO

    Helping a buddy get a 1990 40 HP Evinrude running after it sat since 2008. We changed the lowere unit lube. Put in new plugs and got a new battery. When we hooked it up to the battery and tried turning unit over it only clicks. We tried jumping the cemented just to see if it would fire and still just a click. Any ideas? Thanks - Erik
  9. Decided to camo up the old boat. Pretty tedious but happy with the outcome.
  10. Try googling "how to paint a shotgun" the same process you find would be great on a boat using the same paint you see in the pix above (great looking paint job BTW). I don't want to post the link or I may get put in the penalty box. I used the process on several guns and have gotten great feedback.
  11. Tubitz Was good to meet you yesterday. Forgot to trade contact info. There still may be time to kill a goose or two out there. Shoot me an email if you want. Erik Ejonbox (at) gmail
  12. HugoBox

    Reel Repair Desparation

    You could also send them directly to pure fishing in Iowa. They've been decent to me. That said, I found myself sending so much stuff back to Abu I switched to Shimano. Haven't had to get those fixed!
  13. This capped of my season when I was hauling the boat around the house for storage.
  14. Too bad Bald Eagle is off limits. LOTS of Goldeneyes out there.
  15. Decided to give it one got it this am. Most lakes are turning hard but Parts of Centerville are open. Ended up with one goose. Saw maybe 10 ducks. MA Nature won though and pushed all my blocks into shore so I'm going to call it a season.