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  1. propster

    Update: About 48 people Rescued on Red Lake

    I understand being antsy to get out and enjoy your favorite pastime, but how dumb are we to risk life and limb, as well as those of potential rescuers, never mind the cost, just to be in a hurry to put some panfish on ice? I've never understood this. Like sitting in a tree stand without a safety harness, or many other things we do and choosing not to be safe about it. Think of your loved ones, maybe don't put them through this.
  2. propster

    Venison Shoulder

    I was going to say, there's more non-edible on that shoulder than edible. To clean one completely and get all the silver skin and tendons and dump removed so you only have pure meat is at least an hour for me. I know most guys don't go to that trouble, but that ends up in your sausage or burger. I have friends in high deer population areas that take the biggest chunk or two out then say screw it, I'll shoot another deer if I need more venison (rather than try to piece that out). So my question to you Leech is when you smoke it like you did, and you say you can pull the meat away, does it separate readily from all the other dump, can you visually see the good meat?
  3. propster

    Late season archery

    OTC, sometimes I like reading your stuff but ya gotta help me out and mix in a comma or period here and there. I'm outta breath by the time I'm done with your post
  4. propster

    Daughter hunting

    LL that's awesome, and nearly the same path my daughter and I took a few years ago. I had her shooting a bow and gun at an early age, I think 4 on the bow. But by the time she got to 6th grade she was more into girly stuff with mom, and then she became a bit of a sports star playing all seasons and summer ball. And then she became a bit of an animal lover, though she never had a problem with me and her brother hunting, just never gave a thought to doing it herself, though I offered many times to take her out without a weapon. Well out of the blue in early fall a few years ago when she was in college, she says "Dad, I want to go deer hunting with you". I about fell over. I didn't have time to get her a bow and help her become proficient with it that season, so I took her on our annual trip to Indiana and she would use a shotgun. She passed a couple decent bucks but and at the end of that trip she said I had a great time but this gun hunting is too easy, I want to bow hunt next year. So I got her a bow and she practiced all spring and summer, and when it came time to make our trip over Thanksgiving, her boss wouldn't ler her go, they were short staffed. So I took her hunting in the late season in Wisconsin, where she killed a doe with a perfect shot. She had a baby last fall and didn't hunt, but was just down last weekend for a couple days and got out a couple times, passing shots at a couple fawns. It is great to have a daughter as a hunting partner.
  5. propster

    Generator sale

  6. propster

    Crappie Rage... How was Kansas???

    Nothing that the rest of us couldn't have done had we had the vision, and the drive, etc. I unfortunately spent all my wasted youth hunting out west, fishing Canada, etc, back when a single guy renting cheaply with 3 other dudes could afford to do a few things. Then married with kids and all the expense that entails. Still did a lot of stuff with the kids. Now college educations are near paid for, I can maybe branch out again. But the muskie bug that bit me 10 years ago hasn't loosened its grasp yet so we still take 3 or 4 trips to LOTW each year, and that inhibits the hunting a little bit. Besides, I'm still waiting for my invite to Kansas CR. I'm a heckuva camp cook and bow tech should the need arise.
  7. propster

    Crappie Rage... How was Kansas???

    Congrats Brian. Hunting as it can be.
  8. propster

    ATA show in January are you going?

    Columbus (OH) this year, then Nashville next. After that it's back in Indy for awhile.
  9. propster


    I can see that working, but much more convenient, quiet, and easier to use is a handful of baby goose down feathers. They will carry for a long way as well until they get hung up (vs popping like a bubble would). I tape a small plastic bag full to my bow limb, cut a little slit in so I can draw one out at a time. Next best thing is the silky white "feathers" from a milkweed pod. Both beat a puff bottle any day.
  10. propster

    Minnetonka Buck

    I agree. Appears he will top out about 130.
  11. propster

    Indoor Boat Storage

    The place I was planning to use fell through. Anybody know any reasonable cost place between south metro and Rochester? Probably just for the next 3 months. Doesn't need to be heated. Thanks
  12. propster

    opinion needed

    I agree that you can't tell from the pics alone. You'd hope he was 2.5, lots more potential that way. But if indeed he is 3.5, which if he is a northern deer is more likely the case, he still may become pretty decent even though he doesn't have great size for a 3.5.
  13. propster

    Poached deer - Houston, MN

    Buddy of mine has some pet deer over in Wisc. At one time 4 of his bucks grossed over 200" typical. Last year one sprouted to about 280" non-typ. Anyway, his pen is mostly open his bucks all have whiter racks, and I think that's why many pen deer have whiter antlers, from being in the open. They have plenty of trees and posts to rub, their bases are mixed - some are still rough, some are smooth, and many of the trees are pines and have lots of sap, so I don't think the bleached look comes from not being able to rub. And you should see some of those rubs!
  14. propster

    Excelsior Buck?

    Spread was the only thing that deer is somewhat lacking. That much bone and only 6 inches of symmetry deducts is incredible. Looking at this rack at roughly 193", it's hard to imagine that it would take another 20 inches to become a world record. Maybe that's why they are so rare. What a beauty