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Insulating Fishhouse Floor


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I'm seriously considering insulating my fishhouse floor this summer. My house is about 1/2 to 3/4 finished on the inside. Insulating would be good warmth for the buck $$. What insulation is better the pink or silver faced? Would you screw it to the bottom or glue or both then I would think you would under coat it to protect it. I have a 2 X 3 frame 3" tall so would you go 1", 1.5", or 2"? what have you guys done.

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I used 2'' pink, glued and nailed it. Used the nails with the big plastic washers just to hold in place while the glue dried. Make sure you get glue (liquid nails) that work with the insulation, some of them don't. I didn't do anything else, its been on 3 years and have had no problems and still looks good.

Good luck!! it does take some time to do!!!!

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 Originally Posted By: LODFFB
Can you buy spray foam? I have seen it in a can but its just for windows and doors. not in the Spray form like sheetrock spackle cans I've seen.

Yes, there's a place in Plymouth, MN that sells it. I bought some this summer for my wheelhouse.

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LODFFB My friend and I built a wheeled house this past December and tried to rent a spray foamer and could't find one any where so we had it done professonally and all I can say is spray foam is the only way to go. we did the bottom of the floor,walls and ceiling. and had it done for 600 bucks. shop around for the best deal we got prices any where from $3.00 sq ft to $1.50 then found a guy to it for $600.00. If you can afford it do it you will save money on heating it. our fishouse is 6.6x14 with Vee front and in those coldest windy below zero days and nights we stayed so toastey warm and hardly used and gas.

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Kylersk yes I built my frame just got ideas from others and tried to recreate one I saw if I did it agian i would proably do it a little different. Auctually if I ever get another fishhouse I might just buy one. I have been tinkering with mine since my son was born and hes 4 1/4 yrs crazy.gif I like doing the building but man. I fished last year and this year in it. so I cant complain to much. I will have to take a couple new pics with the wifes camera to get some clear pics. I'm hoping to upgrade my Cell phone and get one with a 2 mega pixel this summer.

Broman where in Plymouth did you get the can spray foam and what does it cost? I have a Aunt and Uncle there and my aunt comes home to see Grandma once a month or so I could proably have them get me some. Thanks

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I spray foamed the walls of my 8 x 14 (plus 3 foot v) for about $580. I used batting in the ceiling and the floor was sheet foam. I had a hard time finding anyone to do it in the metro. (I think it was too small of a project for them)

As for what to get, when you call the company (BASF Polyurethane Foam Entrprsý) ask for Brian, he was very helpful and had built his own fishhouse years ago so had some knowledge of what I was doing. He'll help you get the right foam and the amount you need. He even gave me his cell number in case I had any questions while I was applying the material.

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I had a quote last year to do an 8*16 V front with Ceiling for $800. THis didn't include the floor.

I would have had to bring shell to their place and they spray and shave down even.

Was in south metro.

THis still seems better than doing it by your self with the mess and clean up.

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Kylersk here are some updated pics. Hopefully I can complete most of it this summer.

this is the front which is pretty much done except for forced air furnaceand cabinet in the front,maybe a stove.


Put counter top on my wheel wells.


Another shot of front. Needs to dry out!


Rattle reel, LED boat lights and 12V for Vex or camera.


Heres the back which is still in progress plan is to put a bunk where the framing is, and a dianette,(eventully).


The front needs a dual LP and a cover.


I can charge my battery with jumper cables I put a quick connect on and theres a 120V outlet too.


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