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  1. i was able to track down a new tank. all big dealerships from brainerd to grand rapids weren't much help. was told by them that I absolutely had to reprogram motor and couldn't do it myself. one dealer was able to get the updated part number but had to order and wouldn't order unless I confirmed it was the right one. that why im asking them? I was told to check hansons on bay lake and although skeptical the kid not only knew the problem actually had two in stock! also said as long as I wasn't changing the pump no programming needed. He told me how to sequence my tiller motor to run in winterize mode o first start up which will pump more oil into motor which I did and now all is well. 80 bucks and no more leaks. good luck
  2. I have an 04 ETec 50 tiller that the oil reservoir is leaking. its cracked along the fused seam. ive patched it once but its worse now. ive researched and this seems to be an issue others have had also. any one know if I remove the tank and disconnect all the hoses/systems and either repair or replace can I just hook everything back up and im good to go? im wondering if there is risk of losing prime or if ill have to bleed air? any help is appreciated. thank you
  3. smoking whole chickens I would call fail safe. Ribs, spare or baby backs and even the country style ribs are pretty fail safe too. brine chickens in a brown sugar and salt brine for few hours. remove and let air dry for an hour or two and theyre ready to smoke.
  4. 12 feet before a blockage could be an elbow? is tank location on an outside wall? have you checked area at well? I know in extreme cold winters wells can freeze at the pitless. the well casing can act as conduit for cold and wind whips down there and even with a lot of snow the discharge were the pump pipe in the well connecting to the waterline to the man cave could be froze? using hot water to thaw ice from inside the waterline is long shot. if you want to remove the water just use smaller pipe and pull it our by thumbing the high open end and pull out water. if you shut pump off within a few days of running without pumping you should be good. which bring up another question have you checked to make sure it isn't just the pump? PM me not sure where your at but I do know a guy from brainerd that does pump work fairly reasonable and I think he has a little homemade steamer too.
  5. is well above ground? if so you will hear the pump running, or humming. hopefully you shut the pump breaker off? if not your pump is deadheading, overheating, kicking out the thermal overloads and will continue doing this until the motor burns out. you could have the line steamed free then have an autodrain valve installed into the pump pipe which is in the well. wont always work if done by do it your selfers. or have check valve removed from puno and installed at tank so you can drain it each time you leave. they also make heat tape that goes inside a waterline but it is expensive.
  6. update to post about the issues about being stuck so easy... pulling wheelhouse and blazing a trail ive been stuck a couple more times. started using 4x4 low and shifting vehicle manually. big difference. autotrac is shutoff in 4x4 low. Shifting to M and using the thumb shift to control gear has made all the difference. had to adapt and have new respect for the truck. wish id figured this out sooner would've saved a lot of shoveling!
  7. purple velvet lounge chairs and a disco ball.
  8. put them high. I had mine low for one weekend and realized that when id grab line and jig it I had to bend down and also would create line looping off spool problems. put them eyeball height and haven't had any issues since. nice for realling up when moving too. High High High!
  9. I can shut off traction control and doesn't seem to help. Will try 4 low next time because pulling wheelhouse on ice there will be a next time. Agree that they are designed to stay on road.
  10. 2013 ford stx with 5.0 and 6 speed transmission. Is it my vehicle or do all of these new trucks with traction control and transmissions suck when stuck. You cant rock them anymore? even with traction control turned off the vehicle wont shift from forward to reverse and vice versa until rpms are so low you've lost all momentum. And when you do get moving and want that little more the truck seems to govern out and lose momentum. My older 2000 ford would got stuck but then I deserved it and could understand it.
  11. Spent the night in one of Brandts houses when it was close to if not -50 actual temp. I believe it was feb of 1996. House was warm but hardly slept. Got up every couple hours to start the truck and let it warm up. Woke up in morning to a very cold house. 2 100lb tanks couldn't believe both were empty but couldn't move the valves on either one. One last attempt and got the valve to open and the heat was back on. Actually caught a lot of nice perch that morning.
  12. replace the outlet? put couple layers duct tape or electrical tape over outlets and then plug in cord. or try wrapping black tape around ground prong? I too have never had the problem.
  13. look for nu salt. its a potassium chloride. no sodium. really is a great substitute. and like mentioned use spices and stay away from packaged seasoning and foods. I use tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and even some of the teriyaki sauces you will find with tolerable levels of sodium. read labels! youll be surprised at the differences and make sure you note serving size. 1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoon. good luck
  14. are you nicking the line when youre removing fish? hook removal with a forceps? doesn't take much on 2lb line.
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