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  1. Like this. they arent out in th couple stores yet, that I saw. Doing a project for school Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. What is the base size of the wood rattle reel? The regular wood ones Rattle Wheels that you screw to the wall.

    40 lb LP tank

    I'm having trouble keeping my 30,000 Procom blueflame heater going and I'm pretty sure its the LP tank. It will run for about 1/2 hr and then the pilot will flame out, and the heater will stop. If I let it sit for awhile it will run for awhile agian. I figured it needed to be topped off but when I brought it to top off he said the scale showed it was full he let out a bounch of (air) opening the main valve. He said that would help well it still does the same thing. Any thoughts how to fix my tank.
  4. Thats what I did. I cut the heads off and had bolts long enough to go through the 3/4 plywood and 2 X 3s and then used washers and locks. you can see righ in front of the ladder.
  5. I am hopefully going to purchuse a surburban Forced Air furnace. The spot which I want to put the thermostat dosent have paneling yet. But I am planning on getting paneling next week, What wire do you use for the thermostat? If I knew that I could buy the wire and put it through a hole in the wall and string it through the ceiling, then next fall all i would have to do is install the unit itself.
  6. Bad morning. got stuck trying to get on to the lake. No plowed acess. But is a 4 wheeler with tracks and a V plow the best option. for clearing a spot for your fishhouse cleaning the driveway, I'm in town so its not that big a deal. Maybe clearing a acess enough to get off and on the lake. Then in the summer you have tires obviously to go muddin or play around. Will tracks on a 4 wheeler pull a 8 X 16 house? Early Ice.
  7. must be nice to be Single W/ no Kids
  8. Does anyone have propane gas lights mountes in the fishhouse with the hose or pipe outside of the walls, or covered in some kind of channel?
  9. I 2nd the tounge first. And if you auger your holes with the house up a foot or so, auger more twords the front of your holes then when you let it all the way down your holes will be (more) centered.
  10. I just purchesed an Lowrance XOG. Eventually I want to get a lake chip for it. Where do you store Downlaodable maps if you have a Lakemaster chip? Do you store the Lakemaster Maps on a bigger chip with the satelite images? How is this done.
  11. I have a Clam 6800 an am wndering how you guys put up your reflectix insulation. I can put it up on the 2 poles in the middle but every time you teardown do you foldit up or how do you guys attach it. Just spend the time and is it worth the extra heat?
  12. I heard yesterday that the Nascar crowd is 50% - 50%, Macain - Oboma I thought we were more Conservitve than that.
  13. How about this. So easy a cave man could do it!! You have the cave man brothers as assistants next to childress and bevell and the Vikings are down by 2 TDs and Chilly is just frustrated and P Od then the caveman brothers take over the play calling and Pterson runs wild we complete passes to Wide open recivers, and if we do have to get 4 yards on 3rd down they call a 7-8yard comeback and we come back and win by 2 TDs. Ziggy its advertizing for the team!!
  14. LODFFB

    I got Busted

    Not everybody has the resources(CasH) everyone else does. My wife is not a big ice fishing gal she never hunted. She Likes to open water fish but we have to pay off some cards and I should get a newer truck first and then we can get a boat,, maybe. But we proably shouldent have a truck and boat payment. I have been nibbling away at building my ice house for 5 yrs. its almost to where I really like it. I have Ice fished in it the last 2 winters I LOVE IT.
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