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  1. Lost- arctic warrior tip down and rod on Mille Lacs. If you found it please let me know. $20 reward.
  2. broman

    Transporting ice rods and storage

    I bought the Plano gun case that was mentioned earlier. I don't plan on using it as you need to fold down your reels and it doesn't fit many rods. I have an Eagle Claw Rod Case on the way. It looks pretty nice, but big, but I won't have to fold down the handles.
  3. broman

    Best must have Ice lures

    Swedish Pimples Northland Forrage minnow jig on an Arctic Warrior Tip down Buckshot rattles
  4. broman

    The Great Boot Debate

    LaCross Alpha Ice Kings with SmartWool socks. Love mine.
  5. broman

    Camera panner parts

    Looks like a 3D printer project.
  6. broman

    Eskimo QF3i vs fatfish

    The 3i has two doors.
  7. Check your blades to see if they're stamped with China. If, this is a common problem with the China made blades. Replace them with the made in Sweden blades.
  8. broman

    Holes re-freezing in wheelhouse

    +1 on fans and banking .
  9. broman

    Eskimo Shaver turned into a lazer.

    This is an interesting thread. Can you post a video of it in use on the ice? I'd like to see how it works.
  10. broman

    Leaving Wheelhouse at a Resort

    I left mine at Appeldoorns on Mill Lacs for a few years. No issues. If you leave it way on the lake then make sure you jack it up so the snow doesn't bowl around it and create large banks.
  11. broman

    laser auger

    Try D-Rock in New Brighton. They can fix your pitch issue.
  12. broman

    Older Otter Den opinions....

    I have one. Love it. Really light, easy to pull. I'm about to sell mine because I went thermal. I'm going to miss the lower weight that the Den has.
  13. broman

    Ice line

    Love it, only line I have used for the past 5 years.
  14. broman

    rattle wheels and a deaf person

    I don't know if they still exist, but Google "Venom Rattle Reels".