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Worm cadence


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Well, gusty can be a lot of things.. Is it gusty as a front comes in.. or as a front leaves? Has it been "gusty" for a few days? How gusty are we talking 10MPH or 30mph?...

also what type of "worm" rig are we talking. I had assumed you were talking a Texas Rig. But a "worm" can be fished so many more ways!

In gusty conditions, I try to use the wind to my advantage... so long as its not too bad. If thats the case, sometimes a worm is not your best option! If I were to fish a"worm" in conditions that were gusty, I would fish them on a Caprilina rig over a wind blown point, or sunken island. Seasonal patterns would be a huge factor as to where and how I would fish it as well.

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BPA- Weather and season are very important. Ones fishing style is as well. When fishing, you need to find out how active the fish are and how far they will move to take the bait. Then, you need to figure out where the fish are. Once you have found where you feel the fish are. You then decide what lure and presentation will be most effective in catching that fish.

For example...

Lets say there is a 3 lb bass sitting in 3 foot high weeds in 10 feet of water near a drop off. There is high pressure, and the fish is sluggish. You could cast a crankbait or a spinnerbait over his head 1000 times and he would not react. But a tube droped right in his mug may get a reaction strike.. But that same fish, on good conditions where a front is coming in, slight wind. That bass would pound a spinnerbait or crank... Sure it would hit a tube as well probably, but is the tube the best way to fish then? Probably not as you could cover more water with the other baits.

Do you best to learn how weather affects fish, learn seasonal patterns, Where the fish usully are during which times of the year, figure out where the fish are, and their mood, then try and find the best presentation to match those conditions and cover you are fishing.

The question you posed really can not be answered..

Open water grass.. could be fished a thousand different ways effectively. Same with the others.

look at what you are fishing and decide which bait will work best. If fishing thick grass, a deep diving crankbait is not best.. i hope you understand...I'm not trying to be rude, I really want to help you, but your questions need to be more spacific.

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BPA- I cant recomend any one product, but any type of Log you can come up with will help you.. Writting down weather, baro, depth of fish, lure used ect will all help you out.

Also, search the internet for articles, go to the local library.. there are a ton of book written on bass behavior already.. KVD, Denny Brauer have written a couple of great books... read as much as you can and then try to adapt it to the lakes youare fishing.

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