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  1. craigums - I have todo a very similar project and wondering who did yours or if you did it yourself? give me the details
  2. just google search "my outdoor tv" it is the mother of all sites i think anyways
  3. come out and support the dredging of lake zumbro with this tourney
  4. mac - do you have a link? i was just on there and i didn't learn squat
  5. Talk about bassin or go bassin - i will be in a boat - i am glad that this is going to happen - sounds like lots of good hype about it and in the bass community there seems to be a pretty good buzz about it. I however will be on the river where bass season never closes (insert dr. evil laugh here) Kudos to those putting it on glad to see the mn bass man getting catered too.
  6. Who is Parker? Hank? Janet? - neither will be there. Is there some new guy i should know about for my fantasy team?
  7. i signed up when federation memebers could sign up but the day it opened to the general public it filled rather quickly and a buddy of mind called to get his name on the waiting list and the gal told him that they weren't even putting any more names on the waiting list. Good that it is full maybe they will come around more often - the mystery event will fill up fast when they announce it
  8. as far as the mystery event i was wondering that too - they are asking guys to register for a mystery lake - still cost 100 bucks and you have no idea where it is - they must be registered too by May 29th the HSOforum says.... not sure how that is going to go for them to get people to come out. As far as marshalling i have done it before and i would highly recommend it. Men are visual we learn by watching - there i things that i do still just from watching those guys. It was great - I was in ft madison with them in 09 (i think) and fishing was tough - these guys know persevereance as well an
  9. ikeslayer

    Wing Dams

    Yep just cover water - spend a day doing it and you will get bit - don't camp out at one unless its got the mother load on it. and yes like rich said - pool 4 is pretty solid right now
  10. Anyone making it down to winona for the first one? only one 1 week away
  11. ikeslayer

    Released Record??

    awww - what would spring be without one of these stories - i think someone called it about a month ago - something about all the potential next state records caught on crappie jigs - nice fish though
  12. ikeslayer

    swim jigs

    i seemed to get burned by admins every time i post a link so below are some pictures of my favorites - some solid ones that i have used are V&m (just like the way it comes through the grass and it is hand crafted by cliff pace so that helps too) and brovarney. I will say that i have had bad luck with monsoor/bps swim jigs - hooks are very lite wire and straighten out easily on hooksets or good fish - so even though bps sells them for like 50 cents i wouldn't get them unles i wanted to feed them to toothies. Those are the only 2 i use and have been very happy good luck with them - they don'
  13. Here it is all you rochesterians - time for some fun and domination For full details e-mail me at my user name @hotmail.com
  14. does someone have the list of ethanoless gas??? the MSRA site use to have an updated version of it but i can't get it to work - post it up or shoot me an e-mail my screen name @hotmail.com thanks
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