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Uncle Grump

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Rick is currently upgrading the server again.
There will be some glitches, hopefully he will be done with this by next week.
I'm sure these are costly upgrades that we all enjoy for FREE, so we will have to grin and bear it! grin.gif

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Hi Grump,
you have most likely received the message because you are caching the site. You might want to turn that feature off in your browser. We only exceeded bandwidth from 3am to approximately 9am on Friday. Other than that the other issues we are experiencing are a loss of Topics or Topics not displaying properly because they are being caught in the server upgrade/switch.

We will have a period of 72 hours from tonight when the ISP's transfer the nameserver information and they all do it at their own pace. So some will be posting on the old message board and come back to the new and wonder where their posts have gone.

We have to upgrade because of the huge demand by all of the users to the site. It eats up huge amounts of bandwidth and disk space. We are at least quadrupling the bandwidth and storage space available to keep the need to make these painful changes to a minimum.

I apologize now and in advance for any inconvenience it may cause you.

Hopefully by next week we will have everything back to normal and start looking at more services that we can provide FishingMinnesota.com members.

[This message has been edited by Rick (edited 02-05-2003).]

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Hey Rick: I was wondering how long the newcomer listing stays with a person once he has signed up? I was told after you post 5 times it switches to mn.fishing family member? I was also wondering if you rememmber talking to me last winter about a new style fish house that attached to reciever hitch of vehicle, and we talked about marketing it on your web site?

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