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  1. Hi I've got a '91 Artic Cat Lynx w/ a plastic fuel tank. Somehow, the tank developed a crack between the filler neck and tank body. We checked the local snowmobile salvage yard, but nothing they have will fit my sled. A new tank would cost $200, and thats a bit steep for a sled that might be worth $400-500. Is there any type of glue / epoxy I could use? Can plastic be "welded"? Thanks UG PS: I am cross posted this on the Xpert Info forum as well.
  2. Bought mine 2 weeks ago in Roch. 1 year tags, green "peel and stick". Haven't put them on yet - so if they stick remains to be seen.... UG
  3. adaylate I will shoot you a note later this weekend - the shelter belongs to my son (no computer access). Will check w/ him and send you a note. I assume you are thinking about replacing the tarp w/ canvas. The shelter is set up w/ that in mind. If you look at the pic real close, in the corners you will see a dark spot or line, looks sort of like a "-". That is a seam in a series of plywood battens, which are used to fasten the tarp to the frame. The battens are present (and removeable - held in place w/ screws) on all of the attaching surfaces. You're fairly close to me - want to come look at it? UG
  4. It wouldn't be difficult to replace the plastic tarp w/ canvas. But why canvas? The plastic is water proof, and canvas is spendy... UG
  5. Jbell: Am guessing the house weight is 100# +/-. Hayfield is S of the Cities about 90 miles, and W of Rochester about 28 miles. Walleye4: I will send you a cy of the pic if I can find your email addy in your profile. If not - post it. The pic I put up is several years old - don't have a more recent one. There are some holes in the tarp now, but they have been patched. Otherwise its in pretty good shape. To all others, I should point out that this shelter won't fly away in a strong wind - even on glare ice. It stays put. The wood floor gets you up of the ice and you stay warmer. Can easily be heated with a small sunflower heater. Ice is coming - don't freeze your backside sitting on a bucket in the wind. UG
  6. A question for all of those who have modified their portables - which is - how do you haul them to/from the ice? I've got an Eskimo QF3 w/ the bucket seats - also hifax and tow bar on it. When I put my stuff in it, and then try to get it in my pickup - its quite a load, espec. when I'm alone. The mods you guys are posting look great, and I've thought about tweaking mine, but adding even more weight doesn't appeal to me. FYI - I have a trailer - but its a single place unit, and the snowmobile has to ride there. Thanks UG
  7. 4x8', 4 holes, 2 doors, fold down shelves,has 12v hookup and lights. Fits between the wheel wells of most pickups. Caught alot of fish out of this shelter. Sled in picture not included. $100 OBO. 507-365-8173 (h) after 6pm 507-251-3971 © UG
  8. I've been away from FM for awhile - so sorry about the delayed response. My thanks to those who replied - some definite possibilities here. Been to see my doc about the arthritus - am on some meds, but time will tell. Going to look in to the larger crankin handles, and check out the Amb 7000 reel. Another question - can gear rations be changed - ie swapping out the inner workings? Thanks again UG
  9. Hi all I post this due to the fact that I've got arthritus developing in my joints, not terribly bad yet, but there are days my joints - mainly wrists and elbows just ache, which means I can't throw/retrieve bucktails and some of my other lures for very long. I have 3 Amb. reels, a 6500, 5500, and 6000. I think the gear ratios are 6.5:1 and 5.3:1. If I understand this correctly, for each turn I make of the reel crank, the line spindle turns X times, correct? Are there lower ratios available? Will a lower ratio reel have a great effect on the behavior of a lures attractivness to a muskie? Any one have any suggestions for lures that would pound my joints less? Thanks UG
  10. Hi all.... I busted the top 2.5-3" off one of my 2 pc light spinning rods this weekend - has a St. Croix blank - can't remember which one. I am going to have the whole upper section replaced, leaving me with the broken section - which right now is about 43" long. What I am pondering is wether or not to cut it down? I know I will have to knock off an inch or so to remove the ferule, remove a guide so as to replace the tip-top, and possibly put on a new gathering guide, and a handle and reel seat, but as to cutting it down? I compared the action / diameter of the busted blank to my existing ice rods, and it looks to me like it would approach med. to med-heavy so far as stiffness and action. Probally a "walleye' rod. It is much thicker/heavier than any of my existing ice panfish rods. My rod bag is 36", so protecting a longer rod is an issue. I know the In-Fisherman guys seem to like longer ice rods, but they fish outdoors alot. Length would also seem to be an issue in a shelter or hard side house. Another thought I had was to use it for standing up and hole-hopping, as I hold it in my hand and touch the floor w/ the tip. UG
  11. Matt Sorry - won't be able to attend. Would love to see some pics posted w/ some of the ideas, etc. UG
  12. Quote: you guys are insane. I know your just having fun but come on. I've never seen any hot mammas in bikinis walking around on the ice. Enjoy the season. Soft water, golf, bonfires, camping, a little stickball. you can keep your ice. TNFL Check this out.... Ok - ok - she's not walking ON THE ICE... This is your's truely, w/ my best LM, taken the day after Christmas in 1998. I prefer the ice. UG
  13. Slick814 I would like to echo CHM's question - would you care to share your spreadsheet? UG
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