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    Looked good again tonight. Keep it up guys!
  2. Quote: I'm assuming you can network the sonar screen to an lcx unit? Yes you can, lots of networking options. The transducer and power connections on the HDS are the same as the LMS & LCX units. They did however change the face plates, gimbal brackets and knobs.
  3. The m68 does not accept a Lake chip. Go with a x67 & H2O & lake chip for the best set up. Or buy a combo unit like the 522 or HDS 5.
  4. I did not. I do not know of anyone that bought the sounder as a add on. I did recently purchase a new HDS 5 with built in broadband sounder. Had it out on the ice one time so far. It read depth easily shooting thru 2' of ice. Nice crystal clear display with a great new menu system. GPS fix was very fast as well. So far, so good!
  5. Whitecaps on Horseshoe today. Lots of water on the ice. We need more cold weather to refreeze things up a bit.
  6. Skeets

    A nice win tonight

    ...against a tough Anaheim team. Backstrom was unreal. Clutterbuck is going to get a pay raise next year at this rate.
  7. Yesterday I saw one graph and two ice conversion packs.
  8. I saw one today at Mills in St. Cloud. They have one left. 199.99 X-67C Head unit. 149.99 PP-15 Winter conversion kit.
  9. What is the difference between these models: Nautic US Map Lake map
  10. Look down the page about 20 threads. Click, and start reading.
  11. 6-0. Total domination. Woog does not sound too happy!
  12. I do not have an agenda here. I have been a faithfull reader and poster here at FM for almost 9 years. I was only asking a few questions and did not mean any harm whatsoever. I know all about spearing. My father speared every chance he got back in his day. I have many friends who spear. I personally have sat in my brothers spear house and observed him spear lots of pike over the years. I see lots of spear houses on the lakes every year. The pressure on these fish here in central MN is incredible. If you don't believe me, take a look at your favorite lake and count the spear houses that dot the shorelines. 20 years ago, the pike fishing and spearing was much better in my opinion. I know that many pike are harvested each year both by spear and tip-up fishing. Due to the increased pressure, I believe that selective harvest will help our fisheries recover over time. I have never eaten a large pike before. I really do enjoy catching pike both summer and winter. Once in a while I will keep a smaller pike to eat, and they are great table fare. I hope you guys continue to respect our great natural resource in not harvesting the larger pike. Thank you! Again, I did not mean any harm in my questions here. I am just merely stating my opinions!
  13. No, I can't. I'm sure some fish that are released end up dead anyway. I'm sorry to upset anyone here, I'm merely stating my opinion.
  14. No. Cone angle is the degree of bottom you see. The deeper the water, the wider the cone.
  15. Nice job on harpooning those big pike. Do they really taste good? I wonder how many years it takes to grow a 17+ pound pike?
  16. 1. Use a eight inch auger. 2. Use a tip-up with a quick strike rig, tipped with a lively shiner. Most if not all fish are released unharmed. 3. Drill two holes, one for each tip-up. 4. Northerns, bass, walleyes, or anything that eats shiners.
  17. How come you did not drop the spear?
  18. Go to sonar menu. Scroll down to "flasher" in the choices. Hit enter. You can run the flasher mode with any transducer connected.
  19. Ping Speed= 100% Noise rejection on high. Sensitivity, just high enough to see your jig, most of the time between 60-80%.
  20. Go to set upper and lower limits. Set upper limit to 3 foot. Set lower limit 2 feet deeper than the water you are fishing. No more surface clutter.
  21. No wonder they had such a tough time selling over priced tickets to a loosing team.
  22. I don't know if I would eat anything out of that water...
  23. I cannot believe this house is still for sale. If I did not have one allready I would be all over this. One of the nicest suitcase style shacks ever built.
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