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Cooktop for Permanent Shack


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For those of you who like to do a little cooking inside your permanent shack, here's a little project that I did in my house.

The cooktop is a cast iron, 1 burner cooktop that is available at Cabela's. Best part is it is only $24.99

This stove is designed to be portable so I had to do a little modification to make it a permanent installation in my ice shack.

The first step was making my own legs for the stove out of small pieces of conduit. The legs that came with the stove are cast iron and really put the burner up in the air. I wanted the burner a lot closer to my countertop and also permanently attached.

The conduit legs also allowed me to use long (4 1/2") carriage bolts to attach the cooktop to the countertop. The bolts pass through the conduit legs and act as spacers. The bolts are then secured with nuts on the bottom of the countertop.

The other thing I was concerned about was grease splattering, and spilling onto the counter. My solution, although not cheap, was a small piece of diamond plate aluminum underneath the stove. Hey, it functions and looks cool too! I have one more piece of diamond plate I'm going to attach to the wall as a backsplash that has not been done yet.

I then just connected the cooktop to the propane lines in my house with soft copper tubing and flare fittings.

Mmmmm... I can smell the bacon & eggs already!


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Chris remember the lil green perm hut I was in last year when you were up? We got one of those in there, good little cooker, and that ones been thru Haites many times thru quite a few winters! Our counter and backsplash is all greased up though!

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