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rubber duck

Does DL have crappies?

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i have fished crappies a few times each of the last 2 years usually in march but there are some real slabs to be had not to many people really target them with all the other ample oppurtunites just start in 40 feet of water and be very mobile also doschs guide service does crappie guides and they are a great outfit.

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Let me start by saying I actually target Crappies in DL. Have so for the last 3-5 years. They are definately slaps and there are alot of them. But they are very tricky to catch. Most angler catch them by mistake. DL is a superb Crappie lake but the feeding patterns are very strange. Because they are hard to catch in DL they are not targeted. But they are plentiful. Only the most patient angler will find them & their feeding patterns.

1. You must have live bait, minnows (fatheads) no matter what. That is the key. Anything artificial will almost certainly won't work.

2. Time of the year. I have found DL Crappies to be active in spring and early Summer of June. That is it. After that it's almost impossible to land one. It's like trying to catch Perch in the Summer on DL. You don't see that. Anyhow you have very narrow opportunity time period wise. I also find them to be more active in lower water levels.

3. Presentation & location. Them Crappies is not as deep as you think. I've caught them mostly in the shallow bays. Fishing technology is not going to help you much, rely on your fishing wits & smarts. Sometimes the simplest form of fishing is the best way to catch them.

I am not going to reveal too much. You want Crappies, you have to work for them like I did. I have caught many times my daily bag limit of Crappies fishing DL. Persistence is key & don't give up easily. If you do you will never find them.

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