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  1. This almost got out of hand!!!! So when the buck dives under the boat can you pick him up on the vex or do you need a marcum ?
  2. Will you shoot a deer standing still or do you make him run to add a little sport to it?
  3. Be careful there is a season on them. Dont want anybody getting a ticket.
  4. cool looking frog!!!!!!!where could a guy get one?
  5. Try baking soda or coffee?
  6. Which is the best battery powered auger? strikmaster jiffy ???
  7. Try a rat trap for the squirrels!
  8. rubber duck

    "Toss-in" buoys?

    Use a duck decoy or a seagull decoy at least from a distance people think you have a pet duck not a hot spot.
  9. rubber duck


    I want to use it for deer up north(chip nat forest)and other critters back home wide open farmland.
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