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  1. rubber duck

    Legal or not??

    This almost got out of hand!!!! So when the buck dives under the boat can you pick him up on the vex or do you need a marcum ?
  2. rubber duck

    Legal or not??

    Ok how about a swimming deer?
  3. rubber duck

    Legal or not??

    Will you shoot a deer standing still or do you make him run to add a little sport to it?
  4. rubber duck


    Be careful there is a season on them. Dont want anybody getting a ticket.
  5. rubber duck

    Cheap Coyote Gun

    savage or nef
  6. rubber duck

    Lighted Decoys

    cool looking frog!!!!!!!where could a guy get one?
  7. rubber duck

    smell in shack

    Try baking soda or coffee?
  8. rubber duck

    Fish house work, it's fun!

    Man fort I like that!
  9. rubber duck

    Legal firearms

  10. rubber duck

    Battery powered auger?

    Which is the best battery powered auger? strikmaster jiffy ???
  11. rubber duck

    What's working now Open Water '07

    Are you ok?
  12. rubber duck


    Try a rat trap for the squirrels!
  13. rubber duck

    "Toss-in" buoys?

    Use a duck decoy or a seagull decoy at least from a distance people think you have a pet duck not a hot spot.
  14. rubber duck


    I want to use it for deer up north(chip nat forest)and other critters back home wide open farmland.