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Drilling holes/ wheel house


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I have done it both ways. If you drill the holes with the house up and then you crank it down it seems that the holes dont line up perfect any more but you do save some clean up work. I crank it down and then drill the holes and just keep a shovel in the house to remove the ice shavings.

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Drill Before You Drop.

Get the house parked where you want it.

Drill your holes.

Leave the "cone of slush" around your holes.

Drop the house.

The bottom of the floor should contact the top of the slush cones; this will help seal your holes from cold and wind coming under the floor of the house.

Although I would still bank the house, this just adds ONE MORE layer of insulating the holes.

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OK, I just read Stroh's response (he and I were posting at the same time).

If you're gonna be there less than 8 hours, I'd go with his answer.

If you're gonna be there 24 hours or more OR if you're sleeping in the shack overnight, the extra insulation is worth the extra effort.

If you have trouble with the holes lining up;

drop the shack,

mark where you want the holes,

lift the shack,


drop the shack again.

Ya, it's more work. But like I say, if you're committing to sleeping there or staying on that spot fairly long term THEN the extra comfort is worth the extra effort.

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At home practice the best drop method that allows the house to drop straight down. Put a pop bottle in the center of all your holes and drop it in what ever manner you want. Go inside and see what direction the house traveled off center of the holes in comparison of where the pop bottles are now sitting. I had a house where all I needed to do was drop the drop tongue 8" off the ice, then each side level with the front. Drilled my holes and the house went dead center on top of them by dropping the sides first and then the front last. Figure out at what point and method the house does not travel any more and then drill.

The pop bottle trick works great to see where you are at. Just remember on the lake to follow the same procedure.

You might have to drill @ the front of the hole or the back but after the drop it will line up nice smile.gif

I generally drop right on the shavings unless I know I wont be moving and want a clean hole I'll just drill it out fast a water flush it clean.

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I pulled the house out today and drilled then dropped it. Worked good, holes weren't dead center but close enough. I really like the no mess part, my old house all the shavings would be on the floor and I had to shovel them out.

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