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  1. Did a search and found AAA auction advertsing a inventory and tool auction. Friend just asked me today how Franks health was doing and Ultra Shack. Both have bought houses from him in the past. Ultra Shack going down ?
  2. " I ordered a stud house. It's not giving me much time to finish it." Story keeps getting worse in my eyes and serious late appears to be his way. A shell unit 2 months out post due ? Cant support anything about that scenerio. Especially with late being a well known practice.
  3. That issue / excuse better have been addressed with me "prior" to a completion date, and I would be open to about 2-wks maximum delay without negotiating price drop or option adds. 2 Month's is nothing but a joke for a competent builder who on average can produce one in 3-5 weeks. Or don't take the job on and make deadline promises to hold a customer hostage just in order to not lose the sale. Bad business
  4. That isn't even close. I've seen them brand new for $5500 or less.
  5. You do nice work...House looks clean, well done !!
  6. I had a Ultra Shack that had the entire trailer sprayed with "speedliner" which is like Line-X and Herculiner. It held up great, (minor color fade) but I think Line-X would be top shelf, plus provide frame strength.
  7. The context of your post got such off topic and twisted response I thought I had read it wrong.But that seems to be the norm on many posts. The deterioration of the landings and shorelines turns in to (911) the ice is gone humor & jabs. 75% of the perms and wheel houses have been pulled in my area for the exact reason you posted. Big clearance trucks and porty fishers will have it made. Being it doesn't concern your ability to continue fishing, I find your concerns for those like myself to be well appreciated.20" of ice does nobody any good if you cant pull on it,get off it, or have a house stranded, sinking, or froze in out there. Got mine off at noon Monday, and not a minute to soon. Would not have got it off a couple hours later.
  8. Had to go check out tonight the access I use. Can't see it holding up past tomorrow without issues. Renting a trailer by noon and pulling it off before I can't.
  9. If it was built by a manufacturer it has a serial number on it somewhere, or should have. You can get it titled through the state, and insure it with camper/rv coverage along with the tow vehicle policy.
  10. What size does the roll of rubber come in @ Menards/Home Depot that guys say they use for their shacks, and how much is it.
  11. WORKS FINE...Did it myself a few years ago with a Polar 2-man. carrier from Northern & 2 ratchet straps, off to Red Lake. Actually saw a modified carrier on C list for sale made for the exact purpose. I had lawn equipment carrier made this year off the same principle of a scooter carrier. The 2" receiver has endless applications. Just need to stay @ 500# or less. *** used it that time only, decided portable fishing wasn't my deal. Been sitting in garage 2 years.........
  12. ice_it_06

    Marcum LXi

    Have 2. One new for ninety in case if your buddy cant match. Good units.
  13. That Tufflite Kit @ D Rock shows applications from 1996 - 2001 ? Looks like my 08 model handle , must be a typo error.
  14. Mine was only (11) years so your (26) is a severe negative. Already had to sell the perm and my truck now last week. The equipment is just to much of a tease knowing I won't be out until next year @ best. I'm not the only one hurting, but still bites bad.
  15. I see them online and Strikemaster for $38 - $40. Was selling it tomorrow due to job loss, and this happened. Thinking a shop would charge me $75 I don't have.
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