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  1. Glen and Diane Erlandson have started a new business in Baxter a couple years ago dealing only with modifying golf carts. They designed hi lift kits, clutchs and kits, etc, check em out. google their last name and Technology.
  2. I really wanted to order a masterbuilt digital electric until I happened to look at the reviews on a big .com site. Almost 20% of the 200 some reviews were only 1 star. Big problems were elements burning out, and not being replaceable, and other big concerns. Did they change them recently, because I haven't heard of one problem on this site.
  3. Check out Steve Rodgers at Spear One Charters.
  4. I have been using 8# floro but the pike will snip that off no prob. Lost a #4 hornet Sunday, all I felt was a tick. Just not sure how heavy I can go without turning away the walleyes.
  5. Starting to use more crankbaits while trolling for walleyes, but am getting tired of losing some to pike bite offs. Am thinking about fine wire leader, or maybe 20# flouro leader, but is that going to make the walleyes shy? What do you guys use?
  6. A lot of people have had the same problem this year. My folks for example, first time in 50 years they ever had water in their basement.
  7. Me not knowing your setup you could have a problem with some exposed outside piping. Inside probably would be ok, but I am a worrier, I know what could happen. I would just bring along a small air compressor, and blow the lines out at the end of the weekend. It only takes a few minutes, and then you'll be able to sleep at night back home, and everyone will be good. (this is Minnesota)
  8. I have had 3 pair of Rockys, and all 3 have been a problem starting with the first pair of cornstakers probably 20 years ago.
  9. Plastic pully rollers???? OMG, which brand uses that???
  10. I also carry an 8' piece of 3/16 cable and repair couplers in case a winch cable should break. Also standard equip in the back of my truck is a small 2 ton floor jack, some blocking material, a couple short scraps of 2x4, and a multi size tire wrench with a 3' piece of pipe to use as a breaker bar. (the way they put tires on with air wrenches now days you'll probably never get the lugs off without a breaker bar) Spare tire for wheel house. I also carry a spare buddy heater and about a half dozen 1 pounders for back up.
  11. I've got one in mint cond I would sell if the price is right. Shoot me an offer. [email protected] dot net
  12. Quickfish, it is a very high pitch squeal, not a squeak by any means. Your ears could be toast, like mine, and you'd still hear it. I googled it last night and WOW there are tons of people with this problem, but there are so many variations and symptoms. Mine sounds closest to a idler pully or a bad alternator but one thing for sure, it is not speed dependant, it goes by rpm range, and now it does not only do it when the engine is cold. Never in the summer, only cold weather. Cant say I really want to spend several hundred dollars on it to experiment on a cure. Was hoping there might be a ford tech on here with some experience with this. Think I will experiment with some belt dressing though.
  13. 2005 f150 5.4 49,000 miles At 1500-1900 rpm high pitched squeal, only in cold weather. Let off the gas, its gone. Used to only hear it when I first got onto the highway and then only for a minute or so, but I've been wearing my hearing aids lately and its making the noise a lot now. Put on 300 miles last weekend and it bout drove me crazy. Talked to the service manager at the ford dealership here today and he pretty much said "live with it" they have found nothing that is a permenant fix. pretty much only on the 04s and 05s. Tell me he's full of it....
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