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Spirit Wild Bloodbrothers,

I am just keeping the spirit wild here at the Maple Hall front desk of Bemidji State University. The spirit is outrageously wild here, so I will also share it with you. I hope that everyone is feelign this splendedly wild tonight and will be full of spirit wild chatter. What do you all out there in the wilds of the great United States do for your scent protection??

I usually start off by using a scent free detergent. I used to use the special one for hunting, but then I found some scent free Tide at Target, much cheaper many more loads, I use that now instead. I also use the dryer sheets that give off the good smell of earth. When at home though, i just fill a pillowcase full of wet leaves and some dirt and put that in, works better and saves money. After my clothes dry I transfer them straight to giant zip-lock bags, so that no scent can get on them after all the work i put into them. Also in the bag I put scent wafers and those make my clothes smelling very natural. I like to use a pine or a earth, but it varies where you hunt of course. I don't change into my hunting clothes until I am out in the field, again to minimize scent exposure. After I get into the field I always spray my hair and clothes with a dusting of Scent Killer to counteract any scent I may have picked up. Hair is the worst for picking up a scent so I always wear a hat too, just in case. Boots are a big thing too for scent controll. I use a good pair of Choda neoprene boots with rubber from the ankle down. They are like rubber boots but I find them to be warmer. I usually don't bother bagging these, because after a day in the woods they are always dirty and will just get dirt and stuff on all my clothes. I just spray my boots LIBERALLY with scent killer, and since they are neoprene they don't really pick up any foriegn scents. Also, before I head out into the woods I usually spray either coon or fox urine on my boots to cover up any scent that might be there. I don't really worry about scent controll on breath, I just brush my teeth with a TINY amount of toothpaste and call it even. Sometimes I'll eat an apple or somthing for a natural aroma or rinse it with some Scent Killer. I am a diehard hunter, but not quite diehard enough to invest in this gum that I saw...sounds a little overboard, even for me.

Well that is my scent controll techniques my bloodbrothers. I hope your wild spirit soars with the eagles and you all head out into the wilds after the quarry of deer this weekend! GOOD LUCK MY BLOODBROTHS.


- "Ted"

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Ted, you worry too much! I have shot 3 deer 2 were bucks,they have walked right where I have walked. just the old clothes wash and a couple squirts of spray does it all, especially during the rut since of all of the other distractions. I dont worry all that much on human scent during the rifle season especially, just think of the pioneers, did they have all of this fancy scent free stuff? I have seen plenty of pics of them shooting dozens of bucks, archery is a different story since they need to come within range.

-Good Luck TED (nuge is on tues. at 4pm)

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Can't ever be too careful. I mean you can fool them easily during the rut, but at other times it is not soo easily done. This is true especially for bow hunters like us! You mentioned this already but, it's one thing to get them within a few hundred yards, but to get a BIG MATURE whitetail to get within 20-30 yards of you is a big challenge, even during the rut!

Good luck hunting buddy....let's go to wal-mart now you tool!

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